What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Damn this hits hard, they all have great other bands but it’s just not the same.


This acoustic set was filmed back in April in Hamburg…and has some of the best vocals and sound quality…


I think we’re going way overboard with the Linkin Park content here. Guy took the easy way out with six children left behind.

I was never happy with his vocal acuity either.



And then you have GOOD musicians fighting real world problems like Glioblastoma …


Joseph Hahn did work with X-ecutioners? I remember Mike Shinoda was on the Built From Scratch album.

Also, he and Shinoda are both accomplished visual artists (they did all the album work on Hybrid Theory and the concept for the video of In the End), so it wouldn’t surprise me if we get something in that direction from them in the next couple of years.


You can certainly have an opinion on whether Chester Bennington was a good musician or not. And you can certainly have an opinion on how he left this world. What you can’t do is erase how much charity work and causes that he, as part of Linkin Park has participated in.


Please, enlighten me …


Nah. I’d rather not.


Oh man. It’s a contrarian’s buffet.

Do I pick the low hanging fruit and needle canuckistan by calling the Hip mediocre?

Do I punch the bear trap and take a swing and nu-metal?

Nah, I’ll just leave this.


Never been much of a fan of Linkin Park. I like some of their songs though, and what I found interesting about them is their “broad” sound. They sound “loud”, even when listened to rather quietly.
And I have to say Benningtons singing voice astonished me. That guy was screaming, no clue how he managed to do this all the time without losing his voice.

That being said: Leaving his family behind is something that will not get any positive words from me, even though he probably thought it was a good idea.

(no video because my favourite song, “In the End” was already posted )


Maybe it’s a generational thing, and it’s my age. Maybe it’s a military thing for the peer group I came up with. Hybrid Theory started getting radio airplay at the end of the summer of 2001. Meteora dropped in the spring of 2003. Linkin Park SAS the soundtrack of our deployments, of learning we were going off to war, and especially for my generation, of us finding ourselves in our young and formative years.

The band knows their popularity within the community of those of us who came up in that time, and they’ve been huge supporters of the military, military families, and veterans.



The In The End Video was done by the same set designer was the same guy that did StarGate SG1


I never understood the hate vs Linkin Park.
Limp Bizkit is another matter but still.

Today my Facebook feed is full of people that apparently couldn’t wait to extern their hate towards them.
As if these a$$hol£s were important or something.

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.


Sorry for going off on a tangent here, but i find it a bit self-righteous to argue that someone with a substance addiction and most likely clinical depression is being selfish when he commits suicide. Without dragging this thread any further into the mud, if you’re not a victim of clinical depression, you’d be hard pressed to comprehend the misery that that illness can put someone through.


People have been through ■■■■ before and will go through ■■■■ in the future. I know such people. Both those who did escape that way and who didnt.
They are not necessarily selfish. But they stop caring. And they do stop caring long before they kill themselves. Leaving others to mop up after them.
So no I will not stop judging them.
In his case it may be not too severe because his family is probably quite rich. That helps. There are still six kids now who have lost their dad because he decided it.


People believed Linkin Park Sold out to Pop…

Because after the 2nd Album, it was Remix, Mash Up, and Less Guitars/Screaming and more Melody/Harmony Singing.

The Issue is, Chester has Several Vocal Hernia Surgeries over the years…his screaming like crazy days were over.

Their Newer sound for the last 4 or so Studio Albums, attracted more sales than the angry kid screaming did. (regardless of what the angry fans say),

They’ve had 6 #1 Albums on Billboard …


Wow, the self entitlement of some people…

Thank you @SkateZilla for the clarification-


…and considering that a millionaire probably has enough money to get the best help that exists on the planet that makes it even worse.
An average citizen cannot even afford to get that help in most countries.
So I actually have more sympathy for poor people doing that than for him, now that I think about it.


I actually liked the screaming better but I still think the quality improved when they went softer a bit.
I can’t understand the strong feelings toward music in general very well.
So someone likes Pavarotti and someone likes Manowar. No reason to hate anyone either way.