What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Sometimes, I listen to Primus. They suck.


But they’re fun in concert - saw them with Mastodon a couple of weeks ago.


That sounds legitimately awesome.


Ok, one of the founders of my new job has an extra ticket for Pearl Jam tomorrow.
Like… hell yes.

EDIT: I’m going, just in case it wasn’t clear. :smiley:




Okay, Primus sucks but let’s be real: Primus rules. On a major kick of them, right now.


Taking me back to high school, dude!


Echo & The Bunnymen - Porcupine (full album)


Trying to keep Sunday chill


Trying to kick Sunday up a notch

RIP Vinnie Paul


So… went to the Pearl Jam concert and it couldn’t have been any better.
I must admit I was very emotional from the moment Eddie started to talk until… well, until. it was over.

I really really love his voice.

Beside that the concert in itself was flawless- Eddie didn’t miss a fragment of a key or a note.
Impressively perfect.

While Gossard and Ament did a very admirable job and supported the band perfectly, McCready simply shredded it. Dudes, he f*cking supernova’d that guitar!
At a certain point during a solo I’m certain it was literally about to catch fire! :open_mouth:
Bloody heck.

I’m never going to forget this, a very important moment for a kid that started listening them since his twelfth birthday (me).


I didn’t realise Pearl Jam were still going! I still listen to Ten every now and then.


Still one of my favourite albums ever.
Keep your eyes peeled, there’s a couple of new remastered versions recently released that are really worth it.


I’ll keep an eye out and yeah Ten is one of my favourites too.


Yup Eddie has the best voice out there. From ten to now. I also really dig his solo work.


This song epitomizes the music of the 90s for me:


Back when Ten was released I thought of McCready as a classic rock guitarist caught in an alternative rock band :slight_smile: . The guy is phenomenal.


My brother went to see them in Philly (couldn’t remember where they saw them) a couple years ago. He said it was the best concert he’s ever seen. They knew they were in for a special night when they realized they started the concert with “Once” and as the songs started to follow - they played the entire Ten album in order. Pretty cool…


Gorillaz played their new album in its entirety last night in Japan: