What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Didn’t know they were working on a new album.


What do you call that dumb crap? :smiley: I’d rather listen to silence.


Ok so here’s RUSH where the guitarist Alex Lifeson is also operating bass pedals with his foot (in fabulous high heel of course) while the bassist Geddy Lee is doing god knows what instead of actually playing bass. :smiley:


Different strokes for different folks?


Agree. I’m glad not everyone has my own taste in music from when I was 15-
Children of Bodom and Sepultura can only go so long on…


You didn’t wind up in the Meshuggah camp? WTFISWRONGWITHYOU? :smile:


As a childless friend of mine once said… “I pulled out in time”.


Awesome… Brass Against the Machine. :smiley:


Guilty as charged…

Shirt from their NZ gig last year. Was awesome.


holy mother of bog that’s awesome! I think I prefer this ladies’ rendition of the vocals to the original.


:grin: I did think the same. Plus being extremely CUTE and talented really help.


Let’s play “spot the irony”!



Words are very


The Sound of Silence! :wink:


I prefer S&G’s 2nd version, from the album of the same name, as opposed to the original version on their debut album.
Differences are subtle, but enough to make me dislike the first.

As a rule, I rarely prefer covers to the originals. There are some great exceptions, of course, like The Marcel’s version of Blue Moon, or The Beatles’ cover of Money, but usually it’s the original artist who has the true feeling for the song.


cough cough All along the Watchtower cough cough


And as a bonus, because he rules.

As a young man (wish I was there, but I wasn’t, that year I was penniless)


As far as covers go, this is the only time i can remember a cover has turned a song that i knew existed but didn’t care in any way about into something that really caught my attention, because the skill and attention to detail of the rearrangement is amazing.


I really like Puddles version of Royals as far as covers go…