What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Without this video Aerosmith would have been long dead. The resurgence it gave them was astounding.



BLOODY HECK! Talk about overqualified for a job!

An amazing drummer.


Is that the Travis Barker School of Drumming?

Also, Empire Records is on Netflix here.


Hehe actually he’s (allegedly) BabyMetal’s drummer… But it kinda looks like. :smiley:
Crazy good.


I wasn’t really a fan of the original song, but this remix kills it!


RunDMC was from the era when rap had class.


Still does- you just have to dig through the industrial-grade fertilizer that’s clogging the airwaves to find the good stuff. Much like current country. Or most other genres, really.


Two of my favorite duos, doing a song about a place I really would love to get back to.


To change atmosphere… My wife tonight is out to a Suede concert in Milano.

I already know that should she meet Mr. Brett Anderson she will slip her wedding ring in her bag…

Eeh. Whatevs.


The Guild - “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar”

Source: https://youtu.be/urNyg1ftMIU




Thanks to our local Korean Fried Chicken place, I’ve had this stuck in my head for weeks:

The Konglish is adorable and the tune is seriously catchy.

Also, I appreciate how close they get to getting sued by Nintendo.




I wish…


You were saying?


Reminds me of the summer I had in Pittsburgh, so many years ago…

It was the summer of 1996. There was Madonna in MTV with


and an horrific sunburn I got on my shoulder- and underage drinking/barfing and much, much more…



Wow…Glenn Fry’s son (Deacon Fry) performs with The Eagles. Not the best audio recording…but you can tell he inherited the voice! Who knew that Orlando Bloom was Glenn Fry’s son?


Unfortunately, 1996 was the year that introduced us to the Macarena, forever ruining weddings.

But at least we got Tupac’s California Love: