What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Well…in Kings Cross RR station…

…so…I guess it’s all real.


I’m still very mad that they completely deleted Peeves.


Well it’s Halloween yet again. I can’t recommend enough this recently released movie. Scared me.


Another very good Netflix/BBC production I watched the last two weeks.


No Kevin Costner? No Whitney Houston? I’m confused. :wink:


LOL! Actually that was my initial thoughts when I had heard about this series, that it was just a remake. I was very pleased to discover it was something completely different and very good.


So many memories came flooding back watching this again last night.



Watched “Strategic Air Command” again last night.

At the moment Amazon Prime account holders can watch without any extra costs.



Finally somebody woke up! I have never watched a Jack Reacher movie and stopped reading the books after Cruise got picked for the role. It was always mission impossible imagining Cruise as Reacher.



Wasn’t that reported before the first movie came out? I remember reading it back then.


Perhaps he can play Yoda in the next Star Was movie…just say’n. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I can see Tom Cruise looking like that after 900 years.


Pretty sure anyone living for 900 years is going to look like Yoda. :fearful:



Not Cher.


“It’s not the years, kid…it’s the mileage…”


He got some serious heart surgery courtesy of the youngun before he even got there, though. Kinda takes him out of the running.


Confused…Yoda had heart surgery?


Han Solo… Kylo Ren… The new Force Awakens Film. :blush:




It’s raining great streaming titles these days. Just finished S2 of one of my Prime favorites. Very Cohen brotherish, that is if they did espionage…

And with that finished, very late to the party, but enthusiastically diving into Ozark. Brilliant.