What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


My wife is watching Ozark. Not your typical Justin Bateman piece. He was brilliant in Dodgeball the Movie.


I loved the first season of Ozark, but have yet to watch season 2.


Not my thing. Breaking Bad, Ozark…whatever it is, I just have no interest in watching shows or movies based on drug dealers and pushers and LEO investigations into such.

I was done with that around 1990, Clear and Present Danger being the only one I liked after that time. That’s more because of the “special forces illegally fighting drug production” idea though.


Only way I would attempt ANY of these strips is in a simulator.



This weekend the wife and I took in a series I had heard good things about. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is hilarious! If you are looking for a good laugh with smart comedy, this series is for you. LOL! I’m still laughing at the last episode I had watched and looking forward to more including new season.



Working my way through Star Trek the Next Generation Season 2
Amazon Prime has the entire 7 seasons available for free using their streaming service.



I’m on season 3 right now, but I’m watching it on the Bluray set. Haven’t seen them in over 10 years, since the DVD set came out. Unlike TOS, which I grew up watching in syndication and then watched on DVD and Bluray many times over, I’ve only seen TNG…

First airing…DVD release…Bluray release. So this is only my 3rd time through, not counting seeing a few of the episodes on reruns over the decades here and there.


I am still angry that you cannot watch TNG on Amazon Prime if you are German. :frowning:


But you can on netflix, can you not?


Been at least a decade since I have seen any episodes too. When TNG first aired I skipped the first two seasons and didn’t give it a chance until the third season. Had me hooked almost immediately. It wasn’t until it went into syndication that I was able to finally watch the first two seasons.



Try speaking with a different accent and maybe it will let you. :smile:

Regional locks have always been the bane of digital content. Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, it doesn’t matter. Almost every producer out there is limited to full control only in the country of origin. They make deals with other companies outside their country and this usually means either someone wants too much money or no one wants to make the effort to work out the rights so it doesn’t happen.

At least with physical media there were workarounds. You could get a region-free DVD player and import a disc. I personally had a Japanese import laserdisc of The Phantom Menace because for 2.5 years after the film came out the only way to see it in the US was on VHS, which of course sucks.
When the DVD finally came out a few months before Attack of the Clones the LD became superflous, but for 18 months it was my only recourse.


Just get a fiend on one of the US military bases and go to their house to watch it. :grin:


The 3rd season is where TNG really started to click. While the first 2 had their share of good episodes (like Measure of a Man), the vast majority of the show’s weakest were all concentrated there.

Meanwhile, season 3 is full of episodes that sit on many people’s top 10 best lists. Yesterday’s Enterprise, Sins of the Father, Tin Man, Sarek, The Offspring…


I don’t have Netflix, so I wouldn’t know.
Of course if I really wanted to watch it I could buy a DVD set or something, but… meh. To be honest I’d rather spare myself the hassle with the discs and pirate it then. Not going to spend 120 bucks on Netflix just to watch a few shows (I rarely watch TV anyway).


120? Get a free trial then cancel it. It’s not like you sign up for a year without an escape clause? Or get you your yarr on indeed :pirate_flag:


All great episodes. 023



Just watched this…

It must have been 30 years since I watched it last… Still love it. Brings me back… :cry:


December? Near Christmas? Almost time for our annual tradition…(I gotta go get some eggnog…)




Yippie-Ki-Yay, Mother#ucker!