What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Joan Wilder? THE Joan Wilder?!?

Oh, they must mean my mule, Pepe!

Great flick. Hearing Danny DeVito cursing in Spanish is always good for a laugh.


Thanks for the heads up @RedBravo65 - for the Norsemen tip. FUNNY as heck! My wife and I are enjoying season 1.


Still not sure how to rate this one but I do think anyone who is a Burt Reynolds fan will find it worth watching.

The Last Movie Star



We’ve been watching this on Netflix:

Think of it as kind of like 24, but much more camp and with way more Soju.


Watching 3 Vikings, in the long boat, arguing over who will sit next to who…and what about the “saved seat policy”? :rofl:


Oh you will be laughing at more to come. It is a brilliant comedy. :slight_smile:


What I’m watching right now…


Too badass to be SFW…



My wife is Norwegian. Her extended family is in Norway. So, for me, the best part are the conversations–the cadence, inflections and word choice…I close my eyes and I swear I am visiting her relatives in Oslo! :laughing:


I had looked up the actors and the comedy on IMDB in order to get a good idea as to who produced it, who the actors were etc. because I didn’t recognize any of them yet they were so good and spoke great English. Found out to my interest and surprise the production filmed in both Norwegian and then turned around and filmed in English. Now that is what I call adaptive.


Especially as a lot of humor doesn’t easily cross cultures. Sure, broad slapstick comedy is universal, but it’s rarely considered smart or impactful.

Being able to do both is difficult, so kudos to them for getting it done.


Dr. Girlfriend is getting into the Hallmark holiday movies. Send help.


Actually, we went through a Hallmark phase last year. Some of them are not that bad…I had to go through testosterone replacement therapy afterwards…as all price to pay. :sunglasses:


I took my daughter to Spiderman: Into the Spider verse, yesterday. I loved it!
A bit scary, at times, for an 8-9 year old, but she understood the rather advanced plot and concept of multiple dimensions.

I didn’t expect Stan Lee doing an animated cameo, in the movie. Had to fight back a tear or two…

A feast for the eyes of anyone who love super hero comics.


I got to ask guys… did you like Cloud Atlas?


I did. It was weird as $#[email protected] but in a good way.


My wife started watching those a few months ago. Because Hallmark literally has nothing but those films airing now, every day, since like Easter I think.



Yeah…sometimes SNL hits too close…like really, really too close. :fearful:


Twilight Zone on Amazon.