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Went with the kids and wife to watch Mary Poppins returns.

High production values- but bothe me and my 8 years old daughter agreed that’s too much.
It’s all too “in YO FACE!” and it’s almost scene by scene a rip off of the first…

My youngest (5 years old) and my wife (which generically hates old movies) loved it though!

So… yeah. Worst movie-review ever. :slight_smile:


So in a nutshell there is a good possibility that I may or may not like the movie. icon_mrgreen



Yes! But no guarantee! :rofl:


Since I mentioned it in another tread…

The redoubtable Miss Blair…nothing can keep her down…or mess her '80s hair style.

A promotional DVD case too sensational to believe…Probably OK for viewing at work, but I blurred it anyway.



Surprised I missed that movie. Chained Heat would have fit right in with my film viewing experience of that era.



Speaking of fan films, I just discovered this on Youtube last week. Pretty well done fan film, and the camp level is just right.


Wow that looks awesome! Nice one! I’ll be all over that when the wife has gone to bed! (star trek not the Linda blair film :joy::joy:)


Pretty decent. While not the greatest from a production stand point it kept me viewing all the way through and captured the essence of several TOS episodes.



Part two is already up.



You got to to wonder ow they got the chick that was the mission commander from “The Martian” to be the science officer…and she was in “Zero Dark Thirty” too.…what?


There’s more than one redhead in this country. Not many more, unfortunately, but still more than one. :wink:


…and Flight of the Intruder is currently free on Amazon Prime.


It’s also pretty cool that the got the rhythm guitar player from Robert Palmer’s Adicted to Love video to play the engineer…just say’n…she hasn’t aged a day!


I watched Hunter Killer last night starring Gerard Butler. If you know nothing (at all) about naval warfare, then you might enjoy it. Otherwise, steer well clear!


Hmmmmm… @Navynuke99, that sounds like a challenge! :grin:


Where did they get those sets? Looks exactly like the original TV series!


I’m good. There’s already been lots of talk in the Navy Nuke Facebook groups about how terrible it was. I’ll pass, unless it’s free and I’ve been drinking.


Even with alcohol it would just drive you nuts. It makes Top Gun look like an air combat documentary. I’m kind of disappointed that Gary Oldman would have anything to do with this movie after his amazing performance in Darkest Hour.