What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


The Sons of Katie Elder





Went with the kids and wife to watch Mary Poppins returns.

High production values- but bothe me and my 8 years old daughter agreed that’s too much.
It’s all too “in YO FACE!” and it’s almost scene by scene a rip off of the first…

My youngest (5 years old) and my wife (which generically hates old movies) loved it though!

So… yeah. Worst movie-review ever. :slight_smile:


So in a nutshell there is a good possibility that I may or may not like the movie. icon_mrgreen



Yes! But no guarantee! :rofl:


Since I mentioned it in another tread…

The redoubtable Miss Blair…nothing can keep her down…or mess her '80s hair style.

A promotional DVD case too sensational to believe…Probably OK for viewing at work, but I blurred it anyway.