What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I tried it to no avail… how?


Maybe only in the US. Unfortunately that happens pretty often.


How can you not own a copy on VHS? :grimacing:


A submarine movie worse than Crimson Tide?? I’m pretty sure that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse. :open_mouth:


So, uh… Thoughts on the Kirk Douglas version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?


100% accurate of course! :wink:


I take it you’ve never seen Hostile Waters?


I thought that was a computer game…follow on to all the Janes 688 SSN stuff…they made it into a movie?

I’ll get around to it after I finish cataloging all the discrepancies in “The Last Ship” TV series. :grin:

EDIT: The game was Dangerous Waters…my bad.


I personally understand Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s pain when he watches SF films, as I majored in physics and astrophysics was my hobby for years.

You may think watching a film where they screw up a military procedure or rank is bad, but it’s nothing compared to watching a film where 10 minutes in your suspension of disbelief is shattered by a fundamental assumption the film makes and there’s no way to get it back. Any science advisors they had on the film must have been ignored, drunk, or deceased.

For instance, I recently watched The Cloverfield Paradox and…there are just no words. It was a fiction film, because there wasn’t any science in it. Was the acting poor? The script? Characters? I couldn’t tell you, honestly. Instead, every 30 seconds I was noticing this or that MAJOR fallacy in high energy physics, gravitation, simple conservation of momentum…

I would call it a train wreck, except it would be a train wreck in which the train was never on rails, had no engine, missing most of the wheels, was half buried in sand, and wasn’t actually in the vicinity of the wreck. I was literally saying “What?!?!” whenever they did pretty much anything at all.

By comparison, Star Wars was a Stephen Hawking documentary.


Dont get to hung up on Military stuff, LOL its so Alpha, Sci Fi too.

I’m not Gay or anything quite the opposite, but this New Queen Movie Bohemian Rhapsody… its quite good, not entirely accurate time wise, but enough to remind us what a great band Queen were in their day.

You cant take away how good Rami Melik did Freddie Mercury, thats as good as acting gets.

Good film, (its not a documentary) solid 8.5 of 10 here.

Movie is good.


I haven’t heard or read any outright negative reviews regarding the movie. Seems for once the public and the critics like the film.



Friends of ours, a couple, went to see it twice!


Excellent movie which takes a great deal of artistic license, despite Brian May advising during production. For instance Freddie was in a band before Queen and they never broke up while Mercury was doing solo ventures. BTW, the actor playing May is also exceptionally well cast, IMO.


Back in the day when Queen were filling stadiums singing “we will, we will… ROCK YOU!” most of their audience were working class men and boys. The guys who fix your car and haul the trash. Many of those were (and are!) raging homophobes. I really don’t see what any of that has to do with the band Queen, or Freddy M as an artist.


From my understanding, this actually resulted in a lot of careful revising of the band’s history, and is why Sasha Baron Cohen kept getting shut down on doing this sorry for literally years.


Not to mention at a Junior High football pep rally before we faced our arch rival…we lost but it was still pretty cool at the pep rally…come to think of it, I hardly got any playing time that game…hmmmm…


More TNG Season 7. Just watched the episode Masks.



Just saw TNG’s Final Mission, where prior to leaving for SF Academy Wesley gets stranded with Picard on a desolate moon and forced to fight for survival.


Is that the one where Picard is injured, needs water but the water is behind a force field and Wesley does something with the tricorder to disable the force field and save Picard?


Is that the one where Picard is injured, needs water but the water is behind a force field and Wesley does something with the tricorder to disable the force field and save Picard?


Um…yes to both!

Don’t forget the annoying shuttle pilot. As soon as I saw they were riding in that thing instead of a Starfleet shuttle I thought… “Ah, plot requires shuttle to fall apart easily and the pilot to act in a very non-Starfleet manner…trump up some bogus reason why they need to use this instead of following standard procedure (like the episode years before where Wesley and Picard were on a long shuttle flight together) and voila!”