What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Wasn’t the pilot a Red Shirt?



No, some alien (with rubber face bumpies) flying some junky looking shuttle.

He gets all indignant about Picard giving orders when they crash, and Wes does his stereotypical “Hey, if you want to get out of this alive you’d better listen to him” spiel. If I had a dime for every time someone used that line, I’d own Hollywood.



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Love it, watching it on Amazon Prime Video.
I mean- it’s not really your happy-ass comedy show but production values are throught the roof.


If it is Dystopian Sci Fi misery I am usually watching it. :star_struck:

For some reason ObergruppenFuhrer John Smith or whatever he is promoted to has because my fave character in Season 3.

I like the way the Nazis all fly around in Concordes and I presume they are using Dornier Do31 Jets although have not checked.


My inner nerd wants to see the actual production of this :):kissing_closed_eyes:


I’d be unashamed. Production values are apparently really high. Cool stuff- and a lot of work went into it!


From someone who hasn’t read the books…

When they introduced the parallel universe, I became hugely disappointed that it was heading the direction of Lost, a massive pile of excrement mascarading as entertainment. But this season had some incredibly compelling subplots that sucked me back in big time. There are so many realy deep character developments such as the Chief Inspector, Trade Minister, antiquities dealer, OGF’s wife, etc, not to mention outstanding acting and direction.


FWIW that was a major plot point for the story.

I’ve always thought there were a lot of parallels between The Man in the High Castle series and the new Wolfenstein games, to the point where I wonder if some folks were collaborating between the two.


Yeah, later on I gathered as much, but was worried that there would be a mounting list of inexplicable events, depending on which writer worked on the episode. But, in the end, the series has held up really well and built to a pretty amazing season finale.


It wouldn’t surprise me if MachineGames were in fact inspired by Phillip K. Dick (the novel was published over 50 years ago), seeing what a visionary he was in the genre at the time.


Spoilers ahead:

The idea behind it is that there aren’t exactly inexplicable events, but parallel timelines. So a timeline where some of the characters have died, some didn’t meet others, events played out differently, etc. The Man in the High Castle toys with the concept in having people able to cross the boundaries if their mental state is focused enough. Phillip K. Dick came up with the concept after reading the I Ching.


You folk are the best :slightly_smiling_face:

However, This is how Brian May made the Red Special.

He is a good guy, Dr Brian May, clever guy and respect is due :slight_smile:


He’s a pretty good guitarist for an astrophysicist! :smile:


Hey guys… What if I told you: “The part of Beast Rabban went to Dave Bautista”?
And Villeneuve is the director?


Well…definitely not Buckaroo Banzai…hmmmm…:thinking:


I’d say…what if I told you “Darth Vader is Luke’s father”…and Irving Kershner is the director?
Or maybe “The ship hit the iceberg”…and Jim Cameron is the director.

At least you could’ve mentioned Javier Bardem!


I’ve always been in love with the Dune lore!

To be fair I’m not sold yet on Bardem, if his role is Stilgar.
I just want it really really bad.