What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


For as many attempts have been made, we’ve only had 2 actually done and neither were really right. Lynch’s was a decent enough retelling but veered too far. The miniseries was closer but hampered by budget.

However, I fully expect to still see it end with the first book.


Dune in italian…


Guys, if you like Cyberpunk just watch Upgrade (2018).
By the technology gods…


Wow, might be the closest thing we ever get to a Deus Ex film.


You know it! I promise it’l leave you breathless!


Just watched FYRE on Netflix. Pretty interesting documentary.


I started watching at the first of the year and I finished all 7 seasons of The Next Generation yesterday.

I watched the first episodes of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers on Amazon Prime tonight. I haven’t seen the whole series since it came out in 2001.



Oh my, that looks fun :smiley:


In 5 weeks? :astonished: I don’t even get through 5 episodes a week.


While I had a hard time even feeling the slightest bit of empathy for the spoiled rich kids, especially as more and more questions sprung up about his previous business dealings (I remember the Magnesis thing, and how that read scam to folks who had been paying attention), I felt absolutely awful for the Bahamians who were scammed out of so much money, effort, materials, and time. They should be the first ones getting paid back when the dust finishes settling, and Billy McFarland deserves to have the book thrown at him, and serve his sentence in a prison on Grand Exima.


Lots of free time and lots of binge watching.



I can’t do it. Generally I can watch 2 episodes of a given show back to back and then I’m done. I can’t do three. If I do watch 2 in one day, I don’t watch it the next day either.

So, my max is pretty much 7/week under any circumstance.

I’d rather watch something else, do anything else, than see 3 in a row of anything. It makes me too antsy to even try.


Most shows I am that way but I enjoyed the characters in the TNG universe so much that I just kept hitting next and watching another episode.



The later seasons are indeed a joy to watch, especially compared to the first two and some of the other series. I kind of don’t WANT to go faster because I don’t really want it to end. :slight_smile:
They really had lightning in a bottle with that cast, like a few others shows like BSG and Babylon 5, and that is a major reason the show was not only good in its day but still holds up today.


…it ends…please tell me it doesn’t end!!! :open_mouth:

Ah yes…Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo, Dirk Benedict as Lt Starbuck (before he went to the A-Team) and Lorene Greene, fresh from Bonanza as Commander Adama…but mostly Maren Jensen as the totally hot Lieutenant Athena…Commander Adama’s only daughter…

…and no, I don’t know why she has an adding machine strapped to her leg…


Maren was a cutie but I was a bigger fan of Jane Seymour when the show first debuted. Hated that she had such a short character arc in the series.



And this is what always comes to mind when I think of her:


I’ll be honest, I just finished watching “The Godfather” for the first time, at nearly 41.

And I totally love it. :open_mouth:


Speaking of binge watching, I caught 6 episodes of season 3 of True Detective on HBO this weekend. Not quite as good as season 1, but WAAAAAY better than season 2.


Really…:astonished: Where I came from, you were not allowed to leave puberty without watching Godfather I and II.