What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I have never seen any of the Godfather movies.



Perhaps you should. They are good.


I can only vouch for the first.
An absolute masterpiece… great scenes, attention to details…

Not unlike a carefully crafted italian suit.
Stunned how well it passed the test of time.

Well, blood squids and violence are a bit… simple. But they convey the message efficiently.
I started watching the second…

They are quite long.

Ah! Lots of very good spoken italian. Should anyone need a translation, let me know!


I think there is a special Mudspike Badge for that.

Actually, if we ever meet I would love to watch the scene where SPOILERS Michael talks with “the Turk” in the restaurant, just before he kills him and the police captain. After he comes out of the toilet and he is sitting there with the gun while the Turk is talking to him…you just see Michael’s face as he grapples with how his life is about to change…so intense. END SPOILERS.

Don’t bother with III.


I’m in the same camp. 45 years old and never seen a one.


:slight_smile: YEAH! Loved that scene… so intense! And the italian they speak (well actually Al Pacino dosn’t speak any… as an italian you can feel he just memorized his lines phonetically) is so awesome.
It has the heavy southern accent/dialect that’s SO perfect!

Literally no other movie where someone speaks italian is so perfect.

If you find that clip on youtube I can translate it to you in real time on Discord! :smiley:


I’ve never seen them because the subject doesn’t interest me.

I enjoy history, I even wound up with an accidental 2nd minor in it, unless it’s the history of organized crime.
Scarface, Godfather, Ozark, Breaking Bad…if it has to do with organized crime and/or drug dealers I just couldn’t care less about it. I find the subject interminably dull.

It may be the best made film on the subject, but it’s like saying it’s the best ever species of grass to watch grow.


Well, yes and no.
To me, but being italian I might be biased, the important concept of the first Godfather is the family.

Yeah, yeah, I can almost hear you from here, but listen… it’s the early forties, the war is over and America is lifting her head. Economy is going and it’s a nice moment.

Marlon Brando, as the lead of the Corleone family, is just about respect between people and keeping his family safe in a sea populated by worse sharks.
Organized crime is almost something that happens at the edge of this.

Honestly? Aside the topic it’s truly a masterful Coppola movie.
(Fun fact- Coppola is the tipical hat wore by the “mafiosi” in Sicily). :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m not saying eveyone has to watch it… It’s just a movie after all. It just happens to have amazing production values.


So you make it sound like it’s a drama then.

Yeah, I don’t like those either. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: No worries!
There’s plenty of classics I’ve never seen myself…


It is just a great film. It tells a story and tells it very well. For me, it has been an added bonus to hear from @komemiute that the Italian is very realistic.

I’m not into Danish Middle Ages history but Hamlet is a great story. This is kind of like that…a great tragedy.


I also have never seen them. Hmmm.

I did just watch The Bedford Incident, though. Most excellent.


Yeah…never been a Shakespeare fan. I’ve seen some alternative tellings of stories like the Tempest and such that I’ve liked, but the source material itself left me flat, I think it’s the way the dialogue is patterned.

There are tons of classics I’ve never seen, either. A lot of them are genres I don’t have any interest in and will never see. Doesn’t mean they’re bad or good, just that they fall outside my admittedly restricted range.


One of my top five naval movies. You can’t go wrong with that cast of characters.


It’s called iambic pentameter. Don’t they teach this in high school English classes anymore? :roll_eyes:


Heck I still didn’t know anything about that form of writing. The first time I ever heard the term was in the movie Patton when he was talking about using that form of communication to send a note to Rommel in Tunisia challenging him to what amounted to a duel in tanks.



More Dune news!


Thud Pilots:




They did in the late 90’s, but then again I was one of those band/ chorus/ drama nerds.


Brolin will portray Gurney Halleck, the warmaster

Always loved that character. Brolin will be a great choice.