What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


That looks great wheels. Thanks for linking. Just added it to my watch list.


Finished the Band of Brothers mini-series tonight. 10 episodes in 10 days instead of all in two days or less.



A stunning piece of work.


The saddest part for me was watching the interviews with the real men and knowing all of them have passed away since the series was filmed 18 years ago.



Season one of Frasier is on the watch list now. Should take more than a month to get through all 11 seasons.



Technically not a movie but this was as near to it as it gets. You may recall last year when @Troll invited his good buddies on CVN-75 to come over to his neighbor to play…his neighborhood being Vestfjord…just some B-Roll video…it was shot on a fairly cloudy and evidently cold day…you may be able to see some of the Lofoten Islands peeking through the clouds in the distance…or that could be my imagination.

Vestfjord is a key strategic area for NATO/ the USN. It is big/deep enough to handle at least one career strike group (CSG) conducting flight ops. It runs in a general SW to NE direction with the Lofotens running down the northwest side where they can essentially mask the carrier against Russian ASCMs like the AS-4, SS-N-19, SS-N-12, etc. That means Russian planes, ships and/or submarines have to transit much of the northern Norwegian Sea to the SW in order to get a clear/unobstructed look back up into Vestjord…that’s a long way to travel in a hostile environment.

From Vestfjord, the CSG(s) are positioned to threaten the Northern Fleet’s bases, specifically its SSBN facilities, and help enter/defend against attacks on Norway. Also, an umbrella of air cover can be extended from Norwegian Airbases and the CSGs over NATO ASW operations from the Norwegian Sea into the Barents, while at the same time deterring/defending against Russian airborne ASW.

Several great reasons why this should be a DCS map. :grin:


Now that was a party…! We only lost a frigate :wink:

There’s a North Norwegian tease, when someone finishes up a big portion, someone usually make a comment somewhere along the lines of ”So there is a bottom in the Vestfjord, after all” :slight_smile:

BTW. Looks like that CVN has a schoolclass visiting the bridge…! Or am I getting old?


No, I saw that. For years it has be usual to have a professor or two ride a ship (a carrier or large deck amphib) and teach a number of college classes while the ship is underway. University of Phoenix does a lot of these courses. I’ve never seen it done while they are standing watch…unusual to say the least.


It is a favorite - had not seen it in many years. So I bought the book, by Marc Rascovich, and really enjoyed it. The ending is different!

One man survives -
…and he was not a crewmember!


Going to bring the kids to watch LEGO Movie 2, later today! :smiley:
I totally loved… uhrrrrr-- I mean-- they totally loved the first one.


Watched this last night. Was very impressed and not what I was expecting.


Hmmm…the male lead looks to be the same actor in Downton Abby who played Mathew, was wounded in WW I, eventually married Mary but later died in a car accident…


Okay, I was just going to start that series tomorrow with the wife. Good to know what’s going to happen ahead of time. :wink:


My bad…all fixed now. :grinning:


They film that exactly 1 mile from my house. Since that started the number of buses full of Chinese tourists is frightening. Good for the local businesses though.
but the number of stupid horse drawn carriage tours and idiots giving guided tours of a village you can walk around twice in 20 minutes makes me extremely angry as they are all based in London and the residents of the village aren’t ‘allowed’ to do it themselves

(I actually live in the next village along so its not my problem but our main shop is in the Downton village and it’s damn near impossible to park outside due to horses being tied up like the wild west never died lol)


Ha-ha! That is funny.


Pork Chop Hill on Amazon

Theatrical Trailer



Mmmm…pork chops… :pig2::pig2:


Through episode 14 of 24 in the first season of Frasier on Amazon.



I just watched 2018(i think?) Black Panther. That was great. I don’t really like superhero stuff normally, but that was just great big dollops of fun.