What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I need to get around to watching that.


Yep, it’s been out just over a year. I wrote my thoughts on it a bit higher up on this thread after seeing it (the first time).


Interesting…I thought that when Peter Sellers died they quit doing anything that series.


Well they did remake it in '06 with Steve Martin. The Pink Panther, that is. Pretty sure that sank the series.


Yeah…I can see that it would. The vacuum cleaner scene from the Pink Panther Strikes Again is one of the funniest things on the silver screen.


Just found that the old “Dick Van Dy ke” show is available on Amazon. :sunglasses:
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The movie/documentary Free Solo is running tonight on National Geographic commercial free:


Getting vertigo just watching the trailer…



Oh, I thought this was a film about Han’s captivity. I was mistaken.


Another episode of Frasier. Just three left of the first season.



Well played! :rofl:


I watched this last night. Absolutely incredible feat and some of those shots had me absolutely in panic mode.


I never watched the TV series Firefly so I didn’t know this was a sequel of sorts.

Enjoyed it and it actually held up well on its own.



Yeah, unfortunately the movie is 10x better as an ending to the series if you’ve seen it. It didn’t get one, only 14 eps (not all of which aired) and then canceled until they got the movie 3 years later to solve many, but not all, of the dangling plot threads.

While there was hope for a long time we’d get something more it never happened and the cast scattered to other things.


Nathan Fillion went on to become a Mystery Fiction writer, before he became a rookie on the LAPD…whoa…I really need to start separating the real world vs TV Land.


And Wash, or maybe an ancestor of his, because a programmed “doll” who later was a serial killer. And in a galaxy far, far away his consciousness was imported into an Imperial assassin droid.

Oh, and he and his best friend had their newly-purchased vacation home destroyed by some college kids who were out in the forest on some strange suicide pact.


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Hey … you got nothing else to do this March 13th except shell out $100 (CAD) on an F-14? …

Bunch of hipsters doing a heist on NETFLIX! :smiley:

Sorry, posting is fun. Hunter out.


“…and we can’t even send our kids to college!”

Bravo Sierra!

What did they do with their GI Bills? I sent my daughter through college and a Master’s program on my GI Bill…and she got aid a stipend of ½ E5 pay while she was attending classes.

I would have helped with my son’s college except the Army decided to pay his way–ROTC full ride–which is also something they could have looked into.

Plus there are all kinds of scholarships provided by everything from Spouses Clubs (my wife has worked on these several times) to the military’s professional organizations (Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) provides some every year). I hate it when Hollywood portrays the military as uncaring towards vets. We are not.

[Checking Blood Pressure and…]

Evidently it is time to go to my happy place now. :innocent:


Gets wasted most of the time. However, sometimes the rules just don’t work out and navigating the bureaucracy is difficult if you don’t know the right people.