What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


While I agree it gets wasted a lot of the time, that is really my point. These programs are out there and despite being a lot of paperwork, are much less dangerous than ripping off a Colombian drug lord…albeit, probably not as much fun. :grinning:

Admittedly, the bureaucracy was a real pain, but it was no different much of the red tape I had dealt with. The rules are the rules. My daughter had to get right into a master’s program after her undergrad degree or she would have lost eligibility…and other things like that which we had to navigate.

I must respectfully disagree on one point. I sure as heck didn’t know any of the right people, yet it was not too difficult to get done.


Well for the record, I had to pay my last two semesters of undergrad out of pocket, because engineering, and transferring schools, and I’m still fighting with the VA on Voc. Rehab for my master’s program (as in, I’m not getting any responses from their coordinator down at Bragg). And there’s been loads of issues we’ve been fighting with in the Student Veterans community related to GI Bill, Blue Ribbon (for programs that cost more than the VA will cover), pay getting sent in a timely manner, reimbursements for books, etc. Heck, I once went 6 months without getting any of the stipend that was due, and it took me visiting my Representative’s office to get that sorted. So yeah, it’s slightly plausible.

Anyway, on an unrelated note, a friend of mine posted a pic on her facebook of her and her husband in front of the house at W. Laurel and Union Street in Golden Hill, where this scene was shot:

Which then of course reminded me of this, you know, in the spirit of getting ready for Wednesday:

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However neither you nor @Franze conducted a command raid to cover your out-of-pocket expenses… as far as I know… don’t tell me if you did…plausible deniability and all that. :grin: Full disclosure, my wife was the one who did all the work and she is way better at it than I so…both of your points are well taken. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah…that whole scene where he is on his motorcycle speeding away…supposedly starts at NAS Miramar but somehow they end up at NTC Dan Diego…some type of space-time anomaly I suspect. :laughing:


And then somehow they’re magically teleported up to Oceanside pretty much immediately.

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I’ve been really enjoying this new series on Netflix.

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With about 30 something hours before the Tomcat drops, if you aren’t suffering enough angst, Tin Star Season 2 is out :smile: Very much enjoyed S1.

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Yeah, but an alien robot bashed down the rear door of NASM’s hangar in Dulles and walked into the boneyard at Davis Monthan.

Check and mate, sir!

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Dude, don’t even get me started on that. I’m still mad at Michael Bay for so thoroughly destroying one of my favorite childhood franchises. I remember seeing that one in the theater in a military town, and at that scene, you could hear the “what the…?!” from all around us. By the end battle everybody was just laughing at the absurdity of it all.


Well…its not The Rock or Pearl Harbor…I’m going with “What is Transformers? Alex”

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I mean, we did almost walk out of theaters for that one.

Exactly. I mean, we all know Bay is incredibly lazy and careless when it comes to editing, cinematography, plot continuity, character development, and dialog, but by the 3rd and 4th movies, it’s like he wasn’t even slightly trying any more. Though the new “Bumblebee” movie is still on my list to watch, and I’m hopeful that it can begin the healing process of salvaging the franchise.

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My daughters really liked Bumblebee. It’s a reboot. Optimus Prime Gen 1 appearance, although still without talking and using the radio to communicate. Sort of a half-reboot where they kept some things but totally threw out others.

Of course, I also showed them the 1986 Transformers film so they knew about them. Fortunately the characters meant nothing to them so the complete slaughter at the start of the film didn’t bother them.


I think the G1 series is on Amazon Prime?


It might be, I’ll have to check. The problem with these services is too much choice becomes the same as no choice. Finding something unless you’re actively looking for that specific thing becomes impossible.

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You guys!



Watched Sicario the other day. What a thing. Y’all should legalize imo. Anyway very well made flick that got its message across.

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That preview reminded me of when I used to get around on one of these. Same color.


Listening to The Who on the way home.

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Frasier - Adventures in Paradise: Part 2



Heh, love these guys. Nice format.

Also… Love Tim Burton.


You need to watch Firefly. Seriously :sunglasses:

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