Where Are You Photos [2023]

@keets That is actually blue wine. White wine with red grape skins added during fermentation. Only 6 winery’s in the world make it. This family vineyard produces 5,000 bottles a year. I did not like it. The Pistachio liquor however (green) is excellent, like a pistachio flavoured Baileys Irish Cream while the moonshine, well best left as a rust remover


That looks suspiciously like copper nitrate solution :grinning:or antifreeze​:rofl:


I have 25 litres of that in the back of the van



Found little cafe to go and get a coffee and get out the rain earlier in didcot (all glamour here)
Was looking at the random crap all over the walls and nearly fainted when L3 RCT was up there.

That was my first lorry. Never seen a photo of it since the day it was sent abroad on export. I was a 13 year old apprentice fitter being taught to drive the old girl so i could move trailers around the yard for repair. I looked after it, serviced it and did MAJOR repairs on that old renault magnum. I was very attached to it. Very.

I had genuine tears in my eyes when i saw the photo and offered to buy it immediately. They refused as not theirs to sell but promised to give my email to the guy who put it there…never thought id hear from him but low and behold hes got 8 or 9 different ones of L3 and is sending them to me. Over the moon.

I hate lorries. But i did really love that old heap of crap. So so many stupid things i did in it

On the left.


wonderful story, and total luck to bring you to that cafe :smiley:


Yeah really made my day. Total bolt of lightning when i saw it. Still got the number plate hanging in my garage


I found myself in Oakland CA last week. Just across the road from Signature Flight Support is the Oakland AIrcraft Museum. It’s pretty neat, not a huge collection but some interesting airplanes and well worth a look.

MiG-15 BiS

A quick shot in the cockpit reveals that this is airplane has been ‘Westernized’.

One for Ace. @Victork2

And for @komemiute

I’m thinking this is a RF84D. Hopefully it will be restored at some point.

The Short Solent III. I believe this is the airplane used in Raiders of the Lost Ark as a substitute for the Boeing 314 Clipper. On Friday’s and Saturdays you can go inside but unfortunately this was on Wednesday.


That looks great! Love the Ercoupe as well.
I’d love to fly one of those

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I really enjoyed flying JBK’s FSX aircraft and my faves were the Short series of flying boats. I was thinking of that when MS/Asobo released the Clipper for FS - shame they didn’t do the Short Solent or Empire. Without those the world would be a very different place.

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OMG! Brilliant!


Took the little ones on an educational visit to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford yesterday. I even got on a bus and didnt try to set fire to it or murder any passengers.

It was great. I didnt take many pics as i was actually trying to enjoy the experience rather than catalogue it

We even found the weapons which was Obi’s favourite part.


very cool museum :grinning: dinosaurs and guns … the only thing to make it better would be an aircraft section


Yeah it was annoyingly sparse of wings


I remember when I was 12 years old and we were waiting to be flown out to RAF Gütersloh from Luton. My Mum took me to the RAF Museum at Hendon. After a couple of hours she got fed up and went back to the hotel - I was there all day! :grin:

Must go back again


Hmmm, it seems that I have fired quite a few of those…

M-16 (A1)
SLR (not that exact model but close enough)
AK (AK-47 and AKM)
Mini 14 (Dad had one)
Browning .25cal pistol (My Grandfather brought one back from WWII - said he took it off a Luftwaffe Officer)
.38cal Beretta (looks awfully familiar)
Colt M1911


Ive never seen one of these in the flesh before. But that is one cool looking rifle

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There, I fixed it for you. :rofl:

(At least in my brief experience of owning one of the ‘80s models. It didn’t group, it patterned. Awful vertical stringing after a few rounds and the barrel heated up. That said, they are handy and very cool looking in the window rack of your ranch truck.)


Can’t even remember all the gats I’ve used, though with ACPs CZ75 and Browning Hi-Power 9mm were my favourites. Didn’t like Glocks or SIGs for that matter. Too small for my large mitts and didn’t like the built-in safety features of the Glock, which made them popular with police forces. The CZ 75 was a bit on the heavy side, so I carried the Browning by preference, but the CZ made up for it in stopping power. At the end of the day, it depended on the job.

Our company had a load of different firearms from tiny Berengers to assault rifles and combat shotguns, and when we went on the ranges it was just a case of picking what you fancied firing that day and having some fun.


Today I went on a BikeSafe course with Lincolnshire Police. It was good fun - and a whole day’s riding without getting sore (cos we stopped every 30 miles or so for a Latte) is always good!

We stopped at Wickenby Airfield where I saw what I think is called a SeaBird? Something like that - whatever, I know I’ve flown them in FSX :smiley: There was also a missile of some description, though it looks like a mock-up, and had a good laugh at some poor student of the flying school doing circuits in a Robin and just not able to get those wheels down on the grass! :rofl:

While we were stopped for a Costa Latte at a Co-op Express, we saw a Dakota flying over, so on the way home I stopped by the BBMF at Coningsby and sure enough, it was on the pan.