Where You Are Photos (2019)


T-Shirt weather here is Texas yesterday. Already had to mow grass once, and it needs it again.


Took a day of compensation time because the weather prognosis was so pristine i just had to go for a ride.


Stunning… :sunglasses:


We had a mild -15°C tonight.
Winter might come to an end after all…


“No, that’s not quite right. I think you can have another try…”


-9F in Minneapolis…brrr…


Stopped by Langley AFB today for some blood tests (failed them all…forgot to study)…with the current DCS sale, I’m considering getting the F-86…just like this one…but without the big steel pole stuck into it.


With the pole fuel economy is pretty good though.




Well working 4 on 4 off certainly has its benefits!

Mondays off rock! The wife is heavily pregnant and extremely irritable so myself and the boy have done a runner to the Imperial War museum at duxford (its a two hour drive from us so we are well out of the blast radius at home :joy::joy:)
I’ll upload some more pics later


Awesome! We used to live about 20 minutes away in Brampton CAMBS…went to Duxford several times…but for some reason always seemed to turn right and spend all our time in the WW II stuff. I think we passed through that hangar but if we did we didn’t spend enough time in it. I’ll just need to go back!

Duxford Trivia: The airfield was used for bombing scenes in the movie Battle of Britain–lots of explosions with the vacant WW II-era hangars and buildings. The airfield received more damage in filming the movie than it did during the war.


I finally found the Victor mk1 they have at duxford! It’s having a full resto at the moment and I’m not ashamed to say I stood and looked at it for 15 solid minutes… I have a severe Victor problem…

Snuck a few snaps of a certain low level swing wing machine for a @bogusheadbox as well

And me and the boy always have to do silly face selfies or it’s not a proper day out lol


More awesomeness!

The Fairey Gannet…so ugly it is beautiful. Much like the Victor…We need both in DCS!


The scale of the gannet always gets me. Its bloody huge. I’m so pleased I found the Victor. I’ve never seen a mk1 before. Supersonic in the dive? Yes please! I prefer the look of the K2 but you can’t argue with a sonic boom. It’s a bit weird coming here out of airshow season as All the planes you see flying over the summer are stripped down with bits everywhere. Sally B the b17 made me well up when I saw her with only 2 engines on… Corsair and bearcat looked a bit sad today as well. But I found the Victor! :+1::+1:


Thanks for taking us to the museum with you! Looks like you and your son had a great time!

It has been many years since I went to Duxford. It is good to see some old favorites are still there looking good (Lightning and TSR2 in particular).


I thought the non UK based Mudspikers might enjoy seeing this glorious place.

I might do the RAF museum at Cosford next. I’ll upload anything cool I spot haven’t been to that one in a few years and I wouldn’t mind a few pictures of the valiant they have for my collection :heart_eyes:


Cosford is another great museum. It has been well over 20 years since I have been there though.


Great pix there vic, thanks! lol that selfie with the truck… GIMME YOUR WARFACE! and then a pic of a Gannet :speak_no_evil:

That victor is drop dead gorgeous. What a scifi machine. be au ti ful. I had no idea.

You’d do well to keep making this trip with the boy, so he knows the machines as well as you do by the time he’s 8, and far better by the time he’s 11 :stuck_out_tongue:


If I do my job right he will be flying them and kicking his dad’s ass on dcs before he’s 8 lol :+1:


Thanks for post Victork2. My first time to RAF Duxford was rather moving. As my wife and I got out of the car, a Spitfire made a very fast and low pass of the airfield. I had never seen the fighter in the flesh, never mind one in flight. But the sound of the Merlin in righteous song drew my attention like the proverbial moth to flame. I knew that I had come to the right place and no matter what else we accomplished on the trip, this was to be the highlight.