Where You Are Photos (2019)


Nope… you need to come North.




Yes indeed… :1st_place_medal:



Well big news for me today is that I’ve been promoted! No more driving lorries! I’m now company transport supervisor. No more night shifts. 4days on and 4 off. More time for flying in real life and simulators and a chunky pay rise thrown in! Wifey is due to deliver our 2nd on the 26th February so this is a massive massive win for us.
I text my best mate and he didn’t bother to reply so I thought you guys wouldn’t mind me gushing on here!

NO. MORE. LORRIES! it’s all driving a desk and flying planes for me now :airplane::airplane::heart:


Congratulations! :tada:


Congrats…! Your photos are going to be far less compelling now though… :rofl: Glad to hear you are moving up. Being home on a schedule is what keeps me where I’m at despite other opportunities. Congrats on the 2nd tyke too…boy or girl or mystery?


Thanks Chris! Probably will get boring taking photos of my shiny desk haha, still nice to be appreciated there and I can really move on with my flight instructor training on my extra days off so hopefully the photos might be of actual aircraft now!

Little girl this time. Utterly terrified. Little boy was easy peasy. If daddy likes it he is all over it… Not so sure that will work with a girl though :thinking:
Wifey is dead pleased though. Me. The boy and 3 male dogs has left her slightly outnumbered for a few years so this will even the score up a bit.
so much pink stuff has arrived lately!

One more night driving… One more night then its all over


Congratulations! That is great news and I’m sure, very well deserved. Good luck in your new position!!


Congrats! That’s excellent news!


Crikeys mate, what graphics setting you running on Euro truck simulator?!!


Its a new setting! VR can cause motion sickness but this resolution causes weight gain and depression for extra realism :joy::joy:


Congratulations mate! What excellent news!


Congratulations on promotion and the new one on the way too.

When I left the Army I did some long distance lorry driving for about 6 months just to enjoy my own company for a while and not get shouted at every 10 minutes. It didn’t take me long to decide it wasn’t my cup of tea. Hopefully the change will be good for you. I expect it will give you more time to be at home too when the baby arrives. Sounds all good to me.

ps … Just re read what I wrote, it sounds like I missed getting shouted at lol.


I thought there were two airship hangars and that they were covered…taking them down? :disappointed:

The will live on in FSX as a fly-through challenge. :grinning:


There are two more on the other side of the field. This one is being restored, and it is the largest of the three. Evidently it has an 8 acre footprint!


Grumbles about wasted tax payer dollars. :wink:


Just to be clear, the complaint about taxes was a joke.



Painful game to watch.


Nice day to be inside at work, -38 celcius outside :smiley: Winter wont give up yet in Finland.

Sorry, no photo.


-38C is the temps I see flying at 38,000’… :flushed: