Where You Are Photos (2019)


Pictures of f111 's. Everything is right with the world :smile:




It’s too long for a phone camera to do it justice and I left my DSLR at home as its too much hassle with a toddler in tow :joy: but I did my best for you


Good man. You have done well padawan.


Surveying a spot for a solar install.


Probably not under the trees…just say’n…let me know if you need any more advice. :sunglasses:


Flying NZ - National Flying Championships 2019 at North Shore Airport.

I popped in randomly with the baby to see what was going on - I think there’s some formation stuff on tomorrow, might see if I can make it. Nothing too exciting today but it was still nice to watch the planes in the pattern and have a chat with people.

A bit of a collection: a couple of Robins, a Beech, a couple of Pipers (I think) and a Cessna:

Looked up the rego - apparently the yellow and white item here is a kit plane called Vans RV-8:

An old Tomahawk:

Tecnam P2008


When you get done with your training, you will have to take me flying. I’ll buy the beers afterwards :sunglasses:.


X-Plane 11 is pretty awesome! What’s your settings?


I’ve been in one of those. Fantastic little machine. One of my favourites.


Deal :sunglasses:


First week om my first job since graduation, seems like the bus will pass here twice a day :sunglasses:


OK…but do you think the guy in the yellow jacket will be there every time? :wink:

Or perhaps, “Look @Troll! They have pieced together enough pieces from my crashes to build a Viggen on a stick!”

More likely, “Well there is one Viggen I can’t put into the ground.”


He sure didn’t seem as stationary as the Viggen, but I will keep an eye out for him!


You should see how stationary a Viggen can be when I get done with it! :laughing:

I see that you are new. Welcome. By way of background, a few months back, when I was first learning the Viggen DCS module, I had a number of unfortunate “accidents” and got myself and wingman, shot down, more than a few times. (Well once was when he ran out of fuel on final…I really don’t think that was my fault). @Troll began keeping count because, as he informed me, the number of Viggens produced was not huge and at the rate I was going, I would burn through them in the near term.

Properly admonished, I began to be more careful with the Viggen…although I still manage a fatal approach turn stall on occasion.


Thank you!

Haha, figured there was a story behind this :wink:


All Star game must be in town. Ramp is full of big iron…


I totally forgot that was going on this weekend! I remember very well the last time it was in Charlotte…

…in 1991…


Indycar practice this week at Circuit of the Americas. Should be a great race.


Fantastic shots! Hope you have a great time there