Where You Are Photos (2019)


Good to see them on a road course.


Ditto. I’ll admit though, after trying out oval track racing in an IndyCar thanks to iRacing, I have a newfound appreciation for it. It’s a huge test of nerves to keep the car going that fast, in that tight of quarters.

Testing was interesting as everyone’s figuring out their lines and setups for the course. I think I only ended up with about 10 frames out of close to 1K with two cars in frame. It seemed like everyone was giving each other plenty of space to work and test. It’ll be interesting to see how things go the actual race weekend here in a few weeks.


Nice winter day

Hope that link works , -3 celcius , sunny :slight_smile: nice to be outside


Graphics are stunning…Circuit of the Americas you say…is it on Steam? :wink:


Another fine day out. It’s really warm in Austria currently (+5°C at 2000m AGL, that would be warm for even end of march), and conditions are like in spring (snow crust forms during the cold night, leading to firn during the warm day) which permits riding steep slopes with very low risk of avalanches if timed right (the risk for wet snow avalanches rises during the day reaching it’s peak during early afternoon, but depending of course on exposition of the slope).


Just another typical day at Chino airport… :wink:



Holy Macaroni! is that a … ? Get that guy in touch with Jason over at 777 studios. They have a bad hankering for technical data regarding that machine.


Just popping through home, on my way to the next assignment in FLL.

I just have to love the missus and kid with their sense of humor with what they got me for Valentines Day (didn’t have time to post it on the day itself)…


So out at Circuit of the America’s again today for “Super Lap Battle.” I’m serious that’s the name. Basically it’s a hot lap competition, you’ve got X minutes to turn the fastest lap out of your heat, advance if you win. So sort of like qualifying in a lot of racing series. It all ends with the “Super Lap Battle” which is one flying hot lap per competitor (it was the top 5 of the whole day IIRC). I had to bail out before it got to the SLB, as I was meeting my parents for dinner. I’ve got to say it was interesting, it’s about as close to Forza or Gran Turismo as you’re probably going to find in real life. Everything from slightly modified but street legal rides, all the way to the open no limits guys.


A pox on the pilot that took the hidden FBO key at Laurinburg Maxton on a cold, wet, dreary night.



[metar kmeb]

Is he broke?

Hmm…manual weather: KMEB 180552Z AUTO 20004KT 1/4SM FG VV002 07/06 A2990

Yeah…that’s what it looked like… :rofl:


The data is never free and what everyone wants for that data is more than 777studios is willing or able to pay.



Having a bit of fun


If that’s what holding us from a ww2 pacific sim I say you oughta get busy with a pocket camera and steal that data from those moneygrubbin b3432s!


Just caught the leading edge of the snow storm in EWR. Pittsburgh should be fun…


…and it looks like you’ll miss the HB F-14 launch…



…and just getting back out of Newark was an adventure (but isn’t it always?):


Posted four hours ago. It being Newark, he might still be on a taxiway… :rofl: Definitely if it had been PHL…


That is the best view of EWR (ie in the proverbial rear view mirror). I have similar feelings about Teterboro. :crazy_face:


Isn’t that all of New Jersey?