Where You Are Photos (2019)



…and why am I bawling my eyes out at a Disturbed show?


Obviously you are down with the sickness…


And they started talking about Veteran Suicide before The Sound of Silence.


That’s a great cover they do…I’m sure it was pretty powerful.


Just headed downstairs to do some 2am gaming, put my headset on and boom…lost power… :confused:


Can’t have that happening. Might be time for a whole house generator.



Yeah…we live pretty deep in the woods. I have a 7500w generator, but it is the portable kind that I have to roll out of the shed…and it doesn’t hook into the main circuit box, so I have to run extensions from it. It run on LP or gas, and I have a big residential LP tank, so at least I can run it a long time if I need to. If the power hadn’t come on a few hours later, I would have went and plugged it up to the fridge, freezer, and my computer…lol…


Interesting. Same problem at our place last night (lost power for a few hours) and I did pull out my 7500 watt gas powered generator. I was concerned that if I didn’t my sump pit in the basement would overrun and our house would potentially get pretty chilly. (It was in the high 30’s F at the time.) Luckily, a few years ago I had an electrician put in a power panel for the gen so all I have to do is fire it up, plug in the power cable, hit a few switches and we have furnace power, sump pump power, refrigerator power, microwave power and a few lights in the house.


Along the Tanana River south of Fairbanks Ak


Smart move. Since we are in the woods, and the Carolinas are fairly hurricane prone…I should really get an electrician out to make some modifications to my system. I have a 7500w generator, but I also have a 7500w solar array that powers the house on most days. I could use a few AC outlets on the solar array inverter.


Paid a visit to the local airsoft range today. They have a timed-shooting setup with 6 plates that light up at random. I haven’t practiced in so long my times sucked.


Meeting one of Dr. Girlfriend’s best friends (John Moyer from Disturbed).


You kiddin’? You aren’t!


Took the family to a concert in Greenville…



Which one? :wink:


The one that isn’t underwater. *

That statement is true like 50% of the time from my observations…


Dr. Girlfriend works there. I think it’s probably more like 60%.


Sounds like they need a planefull of dutch guys to build them some waterworks.


Austria - my happy place. Sneaking in a short ski trip.