Where You Are Photos (2019)


Kitzbuhel? That was my happy place when I lived in Munchen.



That’s Tauplitz, right? The prominent mountain in the middle is Grimming for sure.


@sobek - nailed it. :grinning: Tauplitz it is. It’s the view from the top of the Mitterstein piste looking towards the Grimming.


Well that went in a flash - 5 months parental leave over, back to work tomorrow.

It has been very special, though - wouldn’t swap it for the world :slightly_smiling_face:

Last weekday play at the playground before reality hits:


Well I did promise I would take the boy to RAF Cosford in the next few weeks…

Wifey is at home with the new addition and is very tired. Myself and the boy were getting in the way so. ADVENTURE TIME!

Never been to the Cosford museum before and it’s long long been on my wishlist. Apologies for the phone camera pics but my SLR is way to much hassle to deal with this close up. Some of the pics are a little squashed as this is quite a small museum PACKED tight with awesome machinery. I’m having the best day! Obi is loving it as well. Good lad!

*warning mobile users there is a lot of pics…

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Man I miss good aviation museums. There doesn’t seem to be much here in Japan. The last good one I went to was in Prague.


It has been a long time since I visited Cosford. Probably over 20 years now. Thanks for taking us along with you !

LOVE the TSR2!




People were looking at me funny when I got all over excited seeing the Victor vulcan and valiant in one room together. I’m a bloody weirdo.

The place is amazing! And free entry! Incredible


Eh more like you get it. Thats a cool museum, lots of unique things.


Few more… Last ones I promise but Vc10 has an extremely special place in my heart growing up next to RAF brize norton these beautiful girls kept me awake and woke me up at all hours. Gorgeous


Nice pix man! thanks!

The tail on that VC-10 is beautiful. It’s like a whales’!
Now that wessex chopper on the other hand… Holy mother of god, only a mother could love that face!


I flew on an RAF VC-10 from Incirlik AB to RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus, and back. We had a USAF General on board and did a low pass over the airfield before landing. A magnificent aircraft!


Fernandina Beach FBO…


Nice! My daughter and a bunch are headed to Amelia Island too. Of course they have to drive…
Must be nice to have a spring break, huh?



Looking a pics of trains never gets old :slightly_smiling_face:


Standing Lenticulars over the mountains near Palm Springs as we descend into KCRQ.

It always impresses me how helicopter pilots can be so precise when they land on these small pads (also at CRQ)…