Where You Are Photos (2019)


Blancpain GT World Challenge America (that’s a name full to spit out):


Car pr0n, nice pix man!


Thanks! If anybody wants prints let me know.


@PaulRix and @smokinhole probably remember this dilemma… You need to slow down, but you need the power up (78-ish% N2 in our planes) high enough to allow bleed air to the wings to have sufficient heat to prevent ice from adhering. So you have to run the speedbrakes out for the drag which allows you a higher power setting without getting speed out of hand. The planes you guys fly probably have plenty of residual bleed air and you don’t have to worry about that anymore (?)…


You mean like the MiG-21? :smiley:


Not exactly apples to apples, but believe it or not, even in the Herc with 4 engines, we had the same problem if anti-ice was active in the decent or if we where trying to slow down so we could dirty up. Only we didn’t have speed brakes. :fearful: :grin:


This wasn’t part of the plan…


whoa that looks like nasty soup. Be safe mate!


Yeah man…ran the numbers and it all looks good. We have a really cool iPad app that calculates all kinds of weather and runway contamination factors.


Of course @Troll will be along in a minute to make the observation that that looks like a pleasant July evening…


No. It looks more like June… Only darker.
July is the only month of the year when it is safe to do the heavy maintenance on the snow removal equipment.


That’s very fighter-like going down the chute with the boards out. I don’t recall ever doing that. We still had boots on the old Citation II I used to fly. That might explain it. As an old gf’s mom used to say, “you’re doin’ the Lord’s work” out there Beach!


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We all used to look so much younger… :wink:

Thanks to all that post, and continue to post, in this topic. One thing that honestly surprised me about being part of Mudspike was how enjoyable it is to see the diverse places and things we all get up to. :mudspike:


A boring drive to the accountant’s office before work to talk tax returns became 200% more awesome when I added Danger Zone into the mix for a bit of a boost:

You laugh, but it totally worked :grin:


Working on a DoT funded research project.


Pensacola, FL…apparently this gal is the FBO Manager…

Where You Are Photos


Got to fly both types in the same night (crew swap for duty time)…


On top of the mountain - Beech Mountain Ski Resort…came all the way up here to see The Hip Abduction again and they totally killed it…!


Lol, I am betting she can probably do the job as well or better than some you have had dealings with in the past.