Where You Are Photos (2019)


How are the slopes up there?


Apparently they were great up until today…but now it’s raining cats and dogs…


Took a short trip out to the west coast of Japan with my ancient film camera.

(A stone with a rope wrapped around it like this means “do not go further than this point” at Japanese tea houses/gardens.)


I’ve been slowly getting back into photography again and editing RAW files, it’s been a decade since I’ve done RAW editing and a bit shorter since I really used my old camera a lot.

I used to have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ-8, now I’ve got a DMC-FZ-300. What a world of change! Mostly got a bridge camera to save on weight and have a lot of options when out and about on my motorcylce :smiley:


Great photo’s… and not a single piece of litter that I can see in any of them. We could learn a lot here in Texas in that regard.


It’s definitely cleaner around here despite the lack of trash cans. There’s still a lot of litter to be found in certain urban neighborhoods.


Trying to figure out the purpose of that big stone which is tied up outside that window in the second to last picture.

lol …… note to self, read what’s written underneath before posting.


If you aren’t doing it yourself where do you even find anyone who actually develops film anymore. Around here it’s as rare as hens teeth.



I edited that in later so it may have taken a while to appear :wink:


Pretty much everywhere here in Japan. Big electronic stores like Yodobashi and Bic will do it. There’s still camera-specialty chains like “Camera no Kitamura,” and even places that do prints from smartphones and DSLRs that will also develop for you. Analog seems to still have a big hobby following here.


Clutch, are your images the true color of the film, or did you edit post scan? And what film please? Very much liking the color and dynamic range.


Superia 400. The last shot of the garden is untouched. I have an issue with my camera where a lot of my shots are chronically overexposed and get a bad lens flare, so I touched those up with some curves in Gimp. Sometimes I get lucky and have good shots that don’t need any touch ups. I haven’t figured out if it’s an issue with the camera itself or the internal light meter.

Camera is an old Petri MF-1 with a Super Takumar f/1.8 55mm lens.


Here in The Netherlands you can still get your film developed by a major chain store(HEMA), though it’s not as popular as it used to be, there’s still a charm to doing it every now and then for a lot of people.

I honestly don’t miss the days of film photography but I do appreciate the art and skill involved.


The camera shop that I used for decades to buy equipment and dark room suppplies is now a Tex Mex bar and grill. Could be worse I suppose.


Yeah small photography shops have become a bit rare short of the big cities. I do know Film roll production is slowing down year on year since the machines don’t really scale down well.


I wonder who owns this plane? :thinking:


Car at the shop day. This one is $46K…


Not sure that color purple works for me. :thinking:



It’s great in movies…


Was at a new car auto show here in Columbus last night in fact. It’s almost comical how expensive new car prices have become. Shame I’m in the market for a new one myself.