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Man, Texas and Louisiana sure look messed up on the pictures that are on the news, and Kentucky et al might be next.
Stay safe out there, y’all!


On the ramp at LFMN. For a Business/Corporate pilot this place is a bit of a pain because of crazy rules regarding the use of APU’s. As soon as you shut down the engines they also want the APU off. When leaving, they allow you 30 minutes of APU usage. It’s a good thing that they make great wine here in the Bordeaux region!

An Emirates A380 heading out, probably to Dubai.

Looking under our nose towards Nice

And in the other direction towards the terminal area.

The architecture is very similar to that of Paris.

Notice the traffic bollards aimed at preventing a repeat of the terrorist atrocity that took place in Nice last year.


I guess noise restrictions for the APU? They can be quite the screamer on the bigger jets. Other then that it seems a bit restrictive.


Yes indeed, it’s all about the noise, although some APU’s are louder than others.


Many fond memories of jobs in Nice. If you can swing it, I highly recommend the rooftop swimming pool at Hotel Elysee Palace. Not much old world charm, but for drinks, sunning, and sightseeing - the best. In a former occupation, a client used to always book the Elysee. Nice is a great town.


Sounds like you have some good memories of this place @chipwich. It seems really nice here but unfortunately we head out today. I did have time to pick up three nice bottles of Bordeaux wine though! :slight_smile:


Sleeping on the wing…the smart people brought hammocks…



Those look like promotional shots. Keep up the great work @BeachAV8R!


I’m going to link my images this time. Warning: Norwegian mountains



Norwegian mountains? You’ve actually found the magic portal to Skyrim…


Extending the commute to almost 48km, because why not?


Goodbye Texas! FEMA released us last night…now back to home with eyes toward Irma…



Just FYI - I’m back from Texas. Interesting stuff going on down there for sure…and I’m glad to be home. Apologies for the light site presence for the past week. I literally never got more than a 3 hour block of sleep at any one time for the past week…moreso because of a really odd schedule down there (2AM to 2PM) than being worked. As well, our FEMA base had no WiFi (well, no working WiFi) and our hospital shipped up some MiFi units that arrived the evening we left.

I’ll catch up with all the goings on here over the next couple days - many thanks to @Fridge, @Troll, and of course @FearlessFrog for keeping an eye on the place…you guys are the greatest. And apologies to any threads I missed or emails I glossed over…

I fear this week won’t get any better if we start moving east coast patients inland. Based on the trajectory of Irma, it certainly isn’t looking good for the Carolinas. I’m planning to go buy a couple more chainsaw chains tomorrow in anticipation of all the trees that might come down if that thing comes roaring into our area.

Can’t wait to catch up on all the news (is the Harrier released??) LOL…


Glad to have you back Beach and nice work. You left the shop in good hands so be sure to take care of your own in front of Irma.


Dang, there are some great piccies here since my last look at the thread!

Yeah. Bogota do exactly the same thing. In fact, they are even worse with the APU before start up. On hot days, poor PAX are likely to bake in the cabin until a few minutes before push back. If you want to start it up earlier than that, you have to call up Ground and ask for permission. Otherwise, possible fines. It is insane.


No ground air car/supply to keep everyone chilly? Sounds weird.


I was expecting that question. LOL! Ground carts are few and far between, very busy airport by Latin American standards, and the company does not like reserving them (you know, slight Low Cost philosophies taint).

And it is a different story at Guayaquil. The ground cart is available, but only good for blowing 34º C air around inside the cabin. However, we are allowed to keep the APU on there. LOL!

(I’d love you to come and have a brief experience of how aviation still is in Latin America. I know a lot of it would leave you reeling with wonder, and not only the ground carts :smiley: )


Haha, sounds like MX policy is gate policy where you live! :wink: We’ve been having a spot of bother with a switcharoo of airco units in the hanger and them not functioning properly between the different types we have, or having all of a sudden become way too effective making the cabin have a sub 15C temperature within minutes… It’s weird.