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Yeah. Also everything that is further away is too blue. Totally unrealistic.


Developer was rather lazy with tiles. But you should see tower AI ATC - this ■■■■■■■ cleared 737 for takeoff while we were on two mile final with clearance to land.


Experiences in Falcon ATC:

Lobo 11, Position and Hold
Lobo 11, Position and Hold,
Lobo 11, expedite departure
Lobo 11, Hey! Next time wait your turn!


If that were a Southwest 737 - it’d already be at cruise altitude…


Today was the memorial for Duke Life Flight…


Sobering- did you know any of the crew in the crash?

I was over that way, but on another part of campus, this morning.


We’ve all flown the two Duke crew members many times. Very sobering. I did not know the pilot. Life can turn on a dime.


16 helicopters flew over the chapel, and the crew were called off duty…


That brought back some long buried memories. Thanks for sharing Chris. I am glad that they had such a perfect send off.



Hey Y’all, sorry for the derailment.

Leaving for work “away” for a coupla days.
Behave, ok?







Lean forward and tap on those warning lights. They’ll appreciate that.

Good luck down south @BeachAV8R. Take care!



Found this guy in Richmond, IN (KRID)


More shexshy planes! :wink:


Yes, this is happening.


Small World! My good friend and roommate in college was from Richmond. I was back in that neck of the woods a few years ago for his wedding.