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Trying to do a sodoku in the middle of a transport…(or something…I have no idea)



OMG it’s a midget ring! I never thought that through…

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Hey Mudspikers… Mudspikeeters…

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My goodness man you are a busy beaver. I hope MudSpike is paying you well for all this work. :wink:


Heading west tomorrow to Grand Junction!


That looks like fun Crew! Try to get there early for the Osprey demo and plenty of pictures!


If you can watch the Vampire start up, they sound cool and spit fire lol





I’m beginning to suspect that @Navynuke99 and @Tankerwade may be in the USA… :slight_smile:


Fun few days at the GJ air show, starting with the drive from Denver over Loveland and Vail passes and through Glenwood Canyon. Saturday’s show was rained out at about 1 pm, but Sunday was great. More pics when I get back home. The Thunderbirds were wonderful.


Over Port Clinton on Lake Erie.



Colorado National Monument


How’s Gibraltar Island looking these days?


Catching the last hour of daylight


Winter is coming :slight_smile: