Where You Are Photos


Oh so much white in that hangar :heart:


The power was restored this morning some time between 0530 and 0700. Many small to medium branches in the yard, but no trees down on our property.

I am very happy with the little Yamaha EF200iS generator. It consumed 2.1 US gal fuel in 14.5 hours of operation powering one double door refrigerator, one stand up freezer, and two iPhone chargers. I forgot to hook up the meter so unsure of the max/average load. It ran mostly in the eco rpm range except for when one of the compressors came on, so perhaps it can carry a bit more load, like LED lamps or charging a laptop.

We had enough small LED lights and headlamps around to navigate. The kids were entertained by some glow stick lights hung around their neck and dad reading from Kung Fu Panda in an improvisational Asian accent.

Parents were entertained by gathering lights, getting to use the generator, chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwiches, and a few American style pale ales.


Took a boat trip down the Piscataqua the other night

Looking upriver they are finishing construction of the Sarah Mildred Long bridge

The iconic tugboats

Heading downriver for the Memorial bridge and the Shipyard beyond

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. You can see the old Naval prison to the right above the cutters

688i U.S.S. Springfield on the left and Virginia class U.S.S. New Mexico on the right under the crane

Tahoma on the left and Reliance, lead ship of her class, on the right

Sweet night to be on the water

Fort Constitution in the waning light

The Whaleback light in the mouth of the harbor

New Mexico on the way back. She just arrived last Thursday

Rolling back into the downtown port. The salt pile is there to remind us of the coming winter…


Some pics from the RAF Scampton airshow

Great to see the Lanc back in the air


This beautiful bird was on the same pole that the eagle sat on a while back. I took the pic and looked to see if anyone was coming, next thing this guy flew off to my right with a bloody fish in its grip.

The bird has a black and white face, have not seen one like it before.


I’d guess that would be an Osprey, pretty cool birds.


The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us.

The elderberry wine is in the demijon and the Apple press is waiting for the boys to strip the orchard. Making scrumpy and a sparkling sweet cider this year


Hopefully he isn’t mashing the push-to-talk…






Shame VTOL doesn’t have MP (is it planned, not sure?). We need @near_blind to be our ‘he can work a server guy’ so we can ARMA or DCS or something. I’ve just been chased by a bear, so need a sit down anyway.


It will squish if you sit. I suggest a shower first.


World of Warships. Come to the dark side, there are battleships.


Not playing Arma… :nerd_face:


Is that the facial expression for ‘I’ve lost all electrical power’? :fearful:


That’s the expression of…hey, I’m on day shift but I’m gonna be flying all night… :upside_down_face:


Potato quality Philly…



Something is wrong with your textures Simfreak, they all appear to be constantly repeating :wink:


Yeah, that’s worse than Falcon original tile set :wink: