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Yes, yes it is.

I’ve bought two Assos SkinFoils in preparation and I really need some other cycling clothes but that stuff is expensive and since I’m very skinny my choices are limited to basically Assos and some Löffler stuff, all in XS lol

Rapha fits as well but that’s even more expensive…

One more:


Always makes me chuckle that you can ride 30kms and have an altitude difference of only 80 metres. :wink:


Do you want to hear something really funny? Those 80m are mostly due to a bridge that I crossed twice (~15m elevation each way) and a little hill (terminal moraine from the last ice age, ~25m elevation), the remaining elevation is a result of minimal variation in terrain.
I’m sure that I can plan a 100km ride with less than 150m elevation around my town


Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of Gibraltar Island across the bay. However, it’s still there, and the houses on it look as large and expensive as ever…


I can ride hundreds of Km’s on a bike and still be in the same plane when it comes to altitude :wink:


It’s just the opposite in Atlanta. Typical weekend ride. You flatlanders can sure ride in wind though. Completely different muscle groups being developed LOL.


It’s always windy where I live. I find a lack of wind when I am outside highly disturbing these days :smile:

It helps I suppose, but I’d love to live near a mountain for hiking and biking!


We have quite a bit of wind during Fall and Winter. I’d happily replace it with a couple of hills and mountains.

Today was a good example. I went for a 3.5 hour ride (Day of German Unity) and the wind did a good number on me. I feel absolutely knackered right now.


Grand Junction Air Show - Thunderbird Highlights -

Four Thunderbirds photo pass -

All Six -

Delta Burst -

The High Bomb Burst -

Great show!


The gowns are never flattering, with my butt hanging out the back. But at least the technical drawings show where the work SHOULD take place…

Metal removal is a go!


(From Mr. No Labels!) :wink: best wishes on the surgery!


Good luck @Bogusheadbox - I bet you regret that arrow tattoo on your right leg now. :slight_smile:


Good luck on your surgery Bogus.


That’s no arrow, it’s an F-111 going down…



Thanks guys. All went well. Just a day op. Can’t help think the procedure went something like this

No idea, how big the scar(s) are, its all suited and booted. Hopefully just keyhole.

Out of action for a bot longer than i thought. The airbus landing gear rests easy for a little longer.

Damn you mountain zip wire


If only we had invented a machine that makes mountains irrelevant…



Vacation starts tomorrow, but I’m not waiting.

Brought this back Sunday night from the brewery and it sat in my growler for 4 days. My worry was that it would lose carbonation, especially since it was a stout, but the dark brew remained frothy. I would tell you what I think, but that would undoubtedly sound biased. Always better to hear the public’s opinion. And we’ve only been open 3 weeks, so very much a WIP at this point. I did give our brewmaster a big pat on the back for living up to his resume, and taking on a huge project when he could have had it much easier at another brewery.

Anyway, will be embarking with the family Saturday on a boat with great big Micky Mouse ears strapped to the funnels. Feeling somewhat guilty to enjoy the Caribbean when so many have suffered at the hands of Mother Nature. There is also a chance that Nate will cause a change in ports of call, but that’s probably to be expected this time of year.


That looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! :heart_eyes:

Have a great time on the cruise Dan!


Much appreciated Paul. Will post some photos if able, but if memory servers, they take an arm, leg, and left gonad for net access on the boat. Best to go a week unplugged anyway. - Cheers.


You mean a whole week without internet access? :crazy_face: