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Got a new car. Been experimenting with systems as you would with a new aircraft in DCS/Xplane :joy:


Harriers over Wrightsville Beach.


Ha…I know that parking area well. Years back it used to be free…then they put those dang meters up. I used to windsurfer there right next to those jetties…


It’s a very recent addition- I’ve always parked there, and I believe it’s only been within the last couple of years that the meter has gone in. Shame, really.


Because your road tax does not include being able to park your car on roads.

I personally hate paying for parking when its already included in my taxes. This country (england) is really really bad for it


6 months later am back in the land of the not a desert, welcomed home today by ceilings at 1500 ft with an ILS back at Lakenheath! Had a great welcoming party at the base grabbed my bags and at now enjoying my own bed and apt. I’ll probly be around tonight if anybody wants to fly anything. And I’ll be able to talk! :smiley:

Somewhere over the Mediterranean :wink:


Congrats on the return…!


Oh wow, 6 months already, time flies!


Wasn’t he better when he COULDN’T talk ? :wink:


Depeche mode wrote a song about that.


<3 @klarsnow


Vid blocked in my country but I love Depeche Mode. :frowning:


Awwww :frowning:


I don’t want your pity … I just want what you were trying to visually portray LOL!

Oh well, here’s a live performance that IS available in my country …

Still going strong!


I have been listening to this album in the car.

Sweetest Perfection


Might be the last few hours for my spider queen of 2017. Early freeze tonight here at the Spider Ranch…

She’s a big box spider. Hope she has lots of little babies in the spring.


On the way to BOS looking across at NYC…


I realize I’ve turned some sort of corner in my life as I get unreasonably excited upon discovering my favorite text editor can diff.

send help


Ehehe, which one? I had a sort of similar experience last week when i discovered that VS Code with the help of a plugin makes a pretty good LaTeX IDE.


Just Notepad++, my go to lightweight script editing program.


That’s a nice ILS 24R circle to 6L ya’ got there BKL…