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LOL: We sure could have. In fact the wind was gusting a bit to maybe 20kts - had us going a steady 8 to 12ish: Maybe on outer, outer band?

Full disclosure: that was not my boat, I was crewing on a boat called Chesapeake which is much faster.

Today was spent getting my boat ready for the tropical storm that is hitting about now .

Our prayers and wishes go out to the folks on the Gulf Coast:




Such a delight!


I don’t have a pic, but the Brits in the crowd should confirm that there is an English dish called “Spotted Dick” :grimacing:

Why it is called that, I do not know.


Yeah, there is a spotted dick. It is quite good. In origin, it is a “D” word in England for things pudding, like duff and dog. Last year on the X-Mas thread I made a treacle duff, with my mother’s recipe for it. There is one around here somewhere for dick as well, I am sure. If I find it, I’ll make you one. :slight_smile:

PS: All good mariner’s food stuff, by the way, stodgy and keeps reasonably well, which is why it was all pretty common in the RN galley. Should go down well with you!

PPS: Just to clarify, English puddings are quite different to what the word conjurs up in the mind elsewhere, which is usually a sort of flavoured custard, and not a dough, often with suet (as used in dumplings, another variant of the D word). I’ve had this confusing conversation before, on Discord, with Canadians and Americans. LOL!


Yes, quite! :slightly_smiling_face:

I lived in the UK for 3 years (in Brampton CAMBS / assigned to RAF Molesworth) which is how I became aquatinted with British puddings and the like…and haggis on Burn’s Night at the RAF Mess, etc. (I joined an RAF Officers mess…um…well…I guess since this is the photos forum, I’lll offer this one…

…on our way to an RAF Officer’s Mess Summer Ball.)

…anyway, my favorite traditional dish, potatoes roasted in goose fat. That said I never actually ran across Sotted Dick in the TESCO or M&S.

For those of you who haven’t experienced living the UK, just watch a couple seasons Downton Abbey and you will catch on soon enough. :sunglasses:


Nothing like a nice bit of Spotted Dick , preferably with custard. :laughing:

You see a lot of Spotted Dick served up as pudding in school dinners for some reason… :thinking:


After 3 years you’ve at least experienced your guests “laying the table” for you to eat. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now where did I put my fanny pack… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still say “trousers” instead of “pants”.


"You’ve missed the best meal ever,
"I’ll tell you what to ask for,
“And I’ll have a plateful too…”



That does not seem to be anywhere on the internet, far as I can see. No one will know what I’m on about outside England (particularly Somerset), so I recorded it and uploaded myself from my old casette. (Over on What are we listening to thread).


Ah yes. Now I get it. Was that the London Philharmonic cover of the song? :wink:


I wondered if it might get misconstrued, which is why I uploaded the song…

What?! London? LONDON!!

That’s the legitimate, inimitable Bristol Seekay F’larmonik, sir! Port of departure of the historically underrated contemporary of Christopher Columbus, who actually did “discover” North America! :smiley:


Earlier today my son put on a fishing clinic. Five of us were fishing…he caught ten fish and none of the rest of us caught a single fish. I think he is a fish whisperer. (His name “Kai” means “of the sea”…so who knows…)


I’m 100% sober, but that dude in the middle is bringing me to tears. The Mrs. in the red dress looks like she is saying through a clinched smile, Tonight of all nights my husband chose to break out the ejection seat handle cumberbun and matching bow tie! I’m dying here. Can barely type…LOL HA HA.


Hello from Thor’s Well on the Oregan Coast.

After dealing with some health issues I started feeling better last week and decided I needed some fresh air… so off we went to the NW coast.


Beautiful picture @Hardtale and hope you’re feeling better. The Oregon Coast is a beauty, did you see Cannon Beach or Ecola Park yet - both recommended?


Recommendation seconded. I’d also throw in Cape Meares as it’s along the way.


View from my new office. There are worse ones…

Not that I get away from flying them completely, but there are certainly many new, interesting and exciting challenges ahead now, with an admin post as from this week. Looking forward to it!


Nice office…!

My wife works in an office under the concourse in Charlotte International and they recently (within the last couple of years) had moved all the admin to new offices. She managed to get a window (she’s now a manager) and one day I visited her. First thing I noticed was her view was blocked by two massive 757 or 767 tires that had been propped up against the wall on the ramp side of her office. I said “hey…you’re not worried those might explode or something?” They were gone the next day…


It doesn’t look so dusty when viewed through my eyes…

Anyway, bit of a tease of something I hope to show soon’ish…