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That is so awesome!!
NADIR or Poste de Commande de Navigation ?


Kinda yes! generic Civa UFC panel as cheap as possible, and this time I am documenting it all from the start. The idea is to stay below 75 euros if possible.

Also, I am using the UDP functionality of xplane to toss all the data over a network, so I am also making a simple touch interface in python.


I’m sleeping in a cave for a few nights - one with pretty decent views from the top deck, though!

The big pile of ancient bricks across the valley may hint towards where…astute viewers may also find other hints in the pictures.


Took a hike on the outskirts of Graz today, ridiculous temps for mid October.


Spain it is?


I remember the first time I flew over Graz thinking it just might be the most beautiful place on earth.


Correct - Granada. The Alhambra palace / fortress is next door. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mmmm…cool…! Spain, Italy, and Greece are high on our bucket list of places to visit.


@Hangar200 just wanted to return to his old ship…!


ohhh my…… the word HOW? is the only thing that comes to mind


Letting tourists drive the carrier again. Only explanation.


Inexperienced sailors perhaps, or someone trying to give someone a closer look to the carrier whilst under sail. Looks like the carrier is not moving, but it’s a big object that’ll mess with the wind quite a bit.


Holy crap. That’s the Midway, isn’t it? That sailboat should’ve NEVER been that close anyway, as that’s right by the track of the Hornblower ferries.


Nope…my boat is blue and I stay away from big grey hulls…beside, this looks to be San Diego.

I just happen to be on my boat now (Slip near the club house so I get their WiFi) and as required by the USCG, I have the current copy of the USCG Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook (Corrected through 12 FEB 2018) on board…lets just take a look shall we?

Page 17, Rule 8: Action to avoid collision
(a) Any action taken to avoid collision shall be taken in accordance with the rules of this subpart…and shall, if the circumstances of the use admit, be positive, made in ample time, and with due regard to the observance of good seamanship.

Hmmmm…doesn’t seem like that sailboat made positive action in ample time…maybe they thought the Sailboat has Right of Way over a power driven vessel…let me see…

Page 29, Rule 18: Responsibilities between vessels
Except where 9, 10, and 13 …are required: [I looked, they are all not applicable]
(a) A power drive vessel underway shall keep out of te way of
(i) A vessel not under command [i.e. something is wrong it and it cannot be controlled]
(ii) A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver
(iii) A vessel engaged in fishing
(iv) A sailing vessel

…well that seems…oh wait there is more…

(b) A sailing vessel underway shall keep out of the way of:
(i) A vessel not under command
(ii) A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver
(iii) A vessel engaged in fishing

It is a well known fact that a deep draft vessel with a lot of tonnage in a harbor channel is pretty much the definition of “restricted in her ability to maneuver”. Plus, although not seen in the video, the Navy ship was undoubtedly flying the day shape for restricted in ability to maneuver (Ball-Diamond-Ball; Rule 27, Lights and Shapes, page 77)

The sailboat skipper is in sooooo much trouble…there are a couple more Rules he broke that the USCG will likely tag on…and his insurance probably won’t pay for the mast.

I usually stay about a mile or so away from any large ship traffic, USN or otherwise, coming or going in Hampton Roads.


Went into Hot Springs, VA this evening just after sunset. An interesting airport to say the least.

(not my photo):



I flew in there once. I seem to remember we had to use the GPWS override because it wasn’t at all happy. It’s a little disconcerting for the passengers to hear “Terrain Terrain Pull Up!” lol.
That was quite awhile ago though, so hopefully that doesn’t happen anymore when going into Hot Springs. Did you see any bears?


Douthat State Park is nearby - lots of good hiking, and they have a lovely apple festival there around this time of year. Jefferson Pool (Thomas Jefferson’s favorite hot spring) is also close by. I’ll tell you a story about that place next time we meet up.


Yeah, I could see how that might happen. There is a little knoll just to the left of the centerline that probably causes some squawks from the GPWS in some aircraft. The mins are 315 and 1 mile. I was actually surprised the place had an ILS…but the runway and lighting are very good. The visual illusion of descending to the intial 5,100’ at the FAF is very powerful though…you feel ridiculously low, not helped by the .5% upslope of the runway that really makes your brain hurt because you are like…I feel high…and low…

We had a direct left crosswind at 15G20 and we got popped once by a little burble but everything settled in just fine. The King Air (as you know) is great for that. Carry some extra speed and scrub it off in seconds just a couple feet off the deck.

For giggles I asked the FO to put the FLIR inset view on the G1000 MFD. There could have been a whole squadron of bears on the centerline and I don’t think that thing would pick them up until you hit them… :bear:

I’ll bet. It really felt like the middle of nowhere.


simMarket has a KHSP scenery that includes the bear…


They have an ostrich-feather and Swarovski crystal covered Bell 47 at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.