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Oh wow, almost 25 years ago already…


Yes it was (mid-to-late 1980s)…and I think still is. The aircrew used to call it the “wrecking ball”. Something about the short hose and its placement in the airstream made it a bit “unstable” when trying to plug. I think we had a couple damaged radomes over the years. Also, something about having to have that “bow” in the hose before you could get gas.


The stars at night, are big and bright…

And apparently we had to stop here on the way into Dallas.

Holy crap, you Texans aren’t kidding about everything being bigger here.


FYI, There is a USS Oklahoma memorial on Ford Island, Pearl Harbor.


Biggest beaver I’ve ever seen. :eyes:


Oh Europe



Our home for the next 13 hours


fortunately I didnt join the party ! :smiley:


With a strong stench comes great responsibility.


Wow, I didn’t know you are that old! :smiley:


Took a day trip to Waco, because my aunt and Dr. Girlfriend are both huge fans of the show. As a friend of mine said, we were deep in HGTV territory.

Restaurant was really good, and everything was very family friendly, except for the prices at the gift shops - I’m pretty sure those had to break some obscenity laws in Texas.

Definitely had to stop at the bakery on the way out.


Is that the place that was done by Joanna and Chip Gaines (sp?)?


Yep. They have a whole complex down there, with gardens, gift shops, the bakery, etc. The restaurant is a couple of miles away closer to Baylor.

Oh, and all the vintage shops they get stuff at appear to be right by their block.


Because when in Rome…



It’s like saying”Beetlejuice”…I made the mistake of saying “LaGuardia” this morning.


What’s it like flying in a very crowded space like New York?


Next time say “weee wooo weee woo, ambulance incoming!” :wink:


Busy. The controllers are arguably some of the best in the world. They really manage traffic well. They are snappy, don’t suffer fools, and make maximum use of their crowded airspace. They treat us “MEDEVACS” really well.