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Umm where’s the sauce and bread and sausage and turkey and ribs and…

Well you get the idea. BBQ is a serious business down here in Texas.


Chicken Rice, national dish of Singapore

Unfortunately the picture can’t convey the amazing smells of the hawker market or the ear splitting sound of Singaporean F-15s circling overhead.


I’m from North Carolina, where we pretty much created American barbecue, so we take it seriously as well. :wink: But we can save that that for another thread.

Plus, I let Dr. Girlfriend take the lead on what we ordered, since she lived in Austin for a very long time.


Also try the Black Pepper Crab


Yes! The Sichuan pepper crab in particular is amazing!


These guys will give you a run for your BBQ money …


Visited the Cloud Forest Dome today, really impressive from a technical standpoint and every bit as beautiful from the aesthetic.

Outside they have the ‘Super Tree Grove’ but couldn’t get too close as there was a thunderstorm looming and health and safety runs strong out here.


Nice! Have you popped in at Raffles for a Singapore Sling and some peanuts yet?


You know…I did when i was there…

it was OK…the Singapore Sling was like $12, so I drank it slow. :grin:

…the peanuts were good. Our hosts took us to the “Straits Kitchen” (Grand Hyatt)…a great, must-national buffet…although I’d stay away from their “homemade durian ice cream” for desert…seriously. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Singapore Eye is also fun.

Me (3rd from left) and my team. I like the “No Exit” sign above the door…as if the 30+ stories drop wasn’t the first clue. :open_mouth:


Yeah they sure weren’t cheap - I guess that’s just Singapore for you, though!

A fun place to visit but I don’t think I’d want to live there - there are good jobs around but I think I’d get cabin fever in the concrete jungle.


What purpose was there for those doors? Is there an outdoor elevator that you can exit using them?



I didn’t forget about you guys, just real work got in the way of fun work.


@jenrick what graphics setting are you running to get Assetto Corsa looking that good?


That looks like a fun kind of work though :wink:


Sliders all the way right with a mod called “reality” lol


Oh that is definitely fun work, sadly it pays little compared to real work, so for the moment it’s just a side hustle.


I have no idea…perhaps another way to get into the “pod” for rescue?

Like the London Eye–I’ve been on both–the big wheel never stops turning.
(my lovely wife enjoying the view - July 2009)


It is going pretty slow so it is easy to step on / off…easier than stepping onto an escalator .


This is why I’m not flying tonight.

Even though my current altitude is higher than when I’m flying the Viggen.

This is after 2.5 hours of fighting and reloading the Ticketmaster site:


Han Solo may have flown the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs, but his cousin bakes a mean cake…