Where You Are Photos


My 21st King Air recurrent class…


EMER drills…


Looks a bit like the facehugger from alien.


Powerpoint presentations! Sweet! :sunglasses:


Where do you think they got the inspiration from? :smiley:


Ah yes, the joys of sucking rubber for drills.


Yesterday was a great day for college football and tailgating!



Nice! That wasn’t a football game so much as a whooping. Great way to end the season though!!


Staying at the Kew Gardens Hotel - directly East of the Heathrow runways. Having an ale and watching the arrivals on Flightradar. Quite cathartic.



Your photo has been rejected due to lack of a beer for scale.


Will a glass of wine work? Cutting back the carbs.



I had a glass of special eggnog earlier but it was actually a bit too stout for me oddly enough.


Came back to work to find they have moved my hot desking zone.

Change isn’t all bad…


Doing the same here…


Stacking wood this afternoon in preparation for another Snowmaggeddon…


We’ve got at least 5 inches here, though it’s already turning to freezing rain, because this is Raleigh and we can’t have nice things.


About 4" of ice / snow / ice. I think the bottom layer, unfortunately, is ice. On my drive back from the Army Navy party I went to in CLT last night the temperature was about 34F for nearly the entire hour long drive. As soon as I hit Kings Mountain, the temp went from 34 to 31 in a matter of minutes and the wet road became icy. In my neighborhood, I went to turn down one of the side streets and my ABS activated and I had to just continue past the turn. I’m in an AWD Subaru, but black ice and freezing rain don’t care what you are driving. Unfortunately, I also had to turn down a fixed wing trip to Laurinburg/Maxton due to the freezing rain. We’d undoubtedly pick up ice on the trip over there, and there would be no way to get rid of it once on the ground in MEB. Just an ugly day out there. Wish it would go to 28 or so so at least the kids could go out and not play in snow with slush and ice on top…


Yikes. We have snow as a base here, but it’s raining now, hard, and some of it’s frozen. Depending on how cold it gets tonight, tomorrow could be… Interesting. Even in a Quattro. Im supposed to be in Asheville Tuesday for a client visit- we’ll see if that happens.