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You guys have more snow than we do in Columbus, OH. Insane.


From yesterday’s Hampton Roads Villanova Alumni, “Game Watch” of the Villanova victory over St .Joseph’s, college hoops. venue the Brown Chicken, Brown Cow (formerly Sorry Sarah’s)

Per @BeachAV8R’s guidance, beer shown for scale.


A nation mourns:

@Bogusheadbox will understand.


Dont u have winter tyres there ? In Finland we use spike tyres > https://shop.ttnordic.fi/WebRoot/vilkas03/Shops/20120208-11092-83518-1/538D/A5D3/CCC4/878E/1501/0A28/100A/306D/Nokian_Hakkapeliitta_8.jpg



I have mixed feelings on kangaroos now. They are awesome. And cool for a visitor to see. But damn they made those drives stressful as any I’ve ever been on. They are a spectacular menace! RIP Roger.


All-season mud+snow tires are the norm here, but studded tires wouldn’t get enough use to really justify the added expense- this sort of weather only happens once or twice each winter for most of the state, and everything aside from emergency services just shuts down instead of dealing with it.


…and it’s snowing again, and the temperature is dropping. Fast. And things are sticking.

Considering working from home, but we’re running dangerously low on vodka…


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Try driving around Canberra, there are Kangaroos everywhere. Cars hitting them, or swerving off the road to avoid them was probably the major reason they dropped the speed limits in the city.

Driving early in the morning or at dusk around there scares the willies out of me.


Okay I’m really confused, all this white stuff in everybody’s pictures on their house and yard is that an instagram filter or something? Also what’s the point of getting all-season tires, I mean everywhere else has the same two seasons as Texas right? Hot as the surface as the Sun, and mildly less hot?

For reference it was 76 in the sun this afternoon…


I was in Dallas in December once a few years ago for training and I thought it might actually snow.


We do actually get snow and ice down here and everyone looses their minds. I was working a wreck and watched another car plow into my wreck, followed by the unit responding to that wreck plow into the second wreck, followed by officer who got called for the city vehicle accident investigation plow into the other patrol car. Took place over the space of maybe 10 minutes. The two people on my wreck and I could barely stand we were laughing so hard at it all.

General advice if your in Texas anywhere South of the panhandle and it looks like there may be snow or ice, LEAVE. It turns into Mad Max on the roads, and people start stockpiling food like they expect the rapture.


Not really so much unlike the Piedmont and low country of the Carolinas. They all freak out over even a dusting. Having lived in both Chicago (5 years) and Korea (2 years)…I’m used to seeing a ton of snow. I think they cancelled school here in Kings Mountain, NC for tomorrow as well. Some of the northern areas of our county probably did get about a foot of snow though…and temps warmed to above freezing today, so it is all melting and refreezing tonight.


Here in New Hampshire we pass the plow on either side because it’s going too slow.


No snow.


I LOVE following turtles around when I snorkel. It’s also a heck of a workout trying to follow them, particularly when they really dive.


Jagdschloss Burg Linn in Krefeld, Germany


Liquid snow!


Where did you live in Korea? I was up north of Uijonbu for a year. The day I arrived in mid-November, two little boys were out playing in rice paddies with just shorts on and it was snowing like crazy. I would love to go back and see how it has changed over 40 years!


I visited in 2010, but in the summer and it was hot!

Fortunately they had cold beers…BIG cold beers.