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Where is supplemental soju?


I was in Seoul as a dependent for two years. We lived in Hannam Village. That was…jeez…1980-82…where’d the time go? I remember their snow was always flaked with little charcoal bits from the heating bricks they used under their floors.


Forgive the necro, but @chipwich, was this the Mon-Fri cruise Thanksgiving week of 2016? If so, my family and I were on the boat with you. My only cruise so far, not courtesy of Uncle Sam, but a lot of fun!


Yeah man, I think it was that week, probably because we had the in-laws with us. We’ve been on two more since then. The ports of call are starting to become more canned and less of an adventure, but the boat let’s mom and dad act irresponsibly for long periods, while the kids are reasonably well looked after and entertained. I think that we’ll probably go skiing this spring instead now that they are a little older. That’s something we can all do as a family and all have a great time doing it.


That time of year again…sim sessions!


Years back a friend mine was the CO of the Army/USAF squadron in Stuttgart that flew all the USEUCOM Generals and Admirals about. He had something similar for the C-12 which, as you know, is a Kingair.

He wasn’t worried about the check ride…I’ll pass along his advice…something about “Keep the needles in the green. If you really have to you can go into the yellow. Don’t go into the red.”

Hope that helps!


Enjoying an awesome show by The Hip Abduction at The Visulite theater in downtown Charlotte…


I play the bass guitar, but I will never be as good as him.

That guy has true bass player spirit


Maybe he’s doing the solo from Young Stuff.:smile:


Interesting thing last night…the guy on the far left (in the picture - left of the sax player) was insanely good. In addition to his normal guitar, he also played a mandolin, and some weird type of guitar (I still don’t know what it is) where it sits in his crotch and extends forward and he uses both fingers to pick the strings. It was awesome. Anyway, in one song, the dude was ripping and he broke a string. While he played, he reached behind him, got a new string, restrung the guitar, and tuned it all while playing with the band. I’ve never seen anything like it. Maybe it is a normal skill, but it blew me away…

He is the guitarist on the left in this video:

Oh…I found a clip of the dude playing that odd guitar - what is it? Again, on the left. Also…check him and the drummer at 5:15 they start riffing off each other. It was really great live…


Hooking me up to the catapult…errrr…


Not a carrier hangar…too clean. :slightly_smiling_face:


Rochester, NY…you made me laugh…




Cold ride yesterday morning. Looking towards the Brecon Beacons.

Up top


Interesting. Looks like a traditional instrument, I would have guessed Asia, but according to Google it is either a Kora or a Kale Ngoni from Africa.

Some interesting blends, this music!


Oh it is so on!

Probably the best start of the season I had in over 13 years. It doesn’t show in the pics but both the quality and quantity of the powder were just right.


I’m extremely jealous right now. I have to endure grey Lower Rhine drizzle at just above freezing temps



A Pager, I thought those died an ignominious death when cell phones became ubiquitous.