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Haha…yeah…I’m one of the few that still carry one. I’ve found they are more reliable than a cell phone call. And that sound is impossible to tune out.

The day I retire, I’m going to hold a pager destruction ceremony at my party…


It will probably all melt in the obligatory christmas foehn storms, short lived bliss.


We still have them at work too. I have a city issues iPhone and a city issue pager from circa 1995. Cops and surgeons are the only folks around here with them (and I’m not a surgeon) it seems.


That hangar makes me think unsanitary things!


One cookie. Four pilots. Six nurses. It’s on like Donkey Kong.



Guess that’s a form of portion control.


I’m ashamed to admit I murdered seven other people for that cookie.

(Hey, it was a long night!)


The aggressive tontine regime I see.


On the way home from Boston last night approaching New York…just us and the freighters out at 2am…


This morning I visited the ATC Tower at our airport. I brought a box of chocolate, so naturally they invited me in :wink:
Since we’re north of the polar circle, we have polar night from the end of November to the end of January.
The sun never reaches above the horizon, in that period.
It gets quite dark here, as you can imagine. But when the weather is clear, as it has been for the last few days, the lighting is spectacular!
It’s a deep blue light, everywhere. And there’s a long sunrise that transits to a sunset, with colors that beggar belief!
Just look at this picture I took…


That’s amazingly beautiful.


Had a helper at work today.


Ruff job.


Beautiful…! Presents for ATC is never a bad idea!


Such a good pupster…


Had an exciting day at work yesterday. Our “long term resident” of the last 3 years finally left!


We had a peacock couple come strolling through. Not too bothered by the cat - I was hoping to see them fan their tails.


Got this used EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM for a bargain:


For a second there I thought a MK-84 SE had attacked your camera. :fearful: