Where You Are Photos


Had to get a prescription refilled so I went to Langley AFB.

…saw a couple of these coming into land.


For some reason, that airplane looks familiar.


It is not a module in DCS…yet… :grin:


It’s day will come but its a long way to tipperary, it’s a long way to go. it’s a long long way to tiperary…


Aaaaand I’m watching ‘Bill et John’ again :joy::see_no_evil:


Rig the barrier…!


How’s the base up there? Trying to talk the siblings into a day trip.


Stunning :+1:


Nice, what are you going to use the lens for?

I have the EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS USM and it’s a top piece of glass.


We didn’t make it on any of the ski slopes. I’m not sure how the bases are doing, but I have a friend that instructs at Sugar and he says they have been going like gangbusters. We had dinner at an awesome place in Boone last night - Lost Province Brewing Company. It was snowing lightly and the temps dropped throughout the night. Only a few inches of snow fell, but the dropping temps where what we were looking for. Hawksnest was closed Friday due to warm temps, but Saturday morning dawned with snow and 25F, so everything was icing up nicely on the tubing runs…haha… Trying to stop near the bottom was getting near impossible. Fun times. It was pretty amazing to see that like 90% of the population just stand there at the bottom and don’t move out of the way in a hurry…


Mostly portraits and landscape plus a little bit of wildlife/bird photography. I shot a few test pictures of my nephew in pretty horrible lighting conditions today and it’s a beast!

I might get a 2x extender in the future to make it more suitable for wildlife. 200mm is pretty short for anything more than photographing birds and squirrels that come for the food I put out on the porch.


At the Seoul BBQ in north Denver with @Dark_Star.


If you have a chance, Appalachian Mountain Brewing has some really good stuff as well. We stopped through when we were up there in October.

Isn’t Lost Province’s location where the old Mellow Mushroom was? So many stories at that place…


This sounds like a typical MiG-21 landing: “brake, brake, brake, brake, brake… Oh my goodness!”


Good of you to use your son as a your airbag. :rofl:



Christmas morning, Australian style

Seasons greetings everyone!


Those look delicious.


When the plan you start out with doesn’t work out…


My son Ralphie :wink: with his first BB gun…


Congratulations to K! I bet that put a smile on his face.

I never shot my eye out with mine, but my dad blamed me for the hole in the glass brick. And my little brother’s friend put a bb in his palm with it.