Where You Are Photos


This from on my way to work this morning. I’ve enjoyed this commute for 12 years now. Many days there is no one in front or in back.


You are all wrong, the missile needs those wheels for when it wants to land. :yum:


That’s awesome, we don’t tend to get the same sense of scale on this side of the atlantic. My commute is somewhat different…

It’s not always this eirily quiet. Had to check to see if I’d missed a public holiday.


It looks like zombies are going to come down that hill at any second…


These words arouse me, it’s a fine fine concept!


It’s gutted… Atleast 99% of the time it is when they do that for static displays unfortunately. Aircraft preservation has a lot of… flaws. It’s about as expensive to properly prepare and display them as it is for just storing a functional aircraft. It always hurts a little to see the decay.

Nice 21 suit, the always look very space-y compared to the US flight suits.


Most fun you can have.


Yes. Nice helmet :slight_smile:


The Mudspike Engineer Mafia just got boners. Pretty cool system.


Yeah - it probably is, but might not be. I was surprised at how fully outfitted many of the other aircraft were. The A-7 cockpit was basically fully intact. And the EA-6B that is on the ramp was flown in from Cherry Point last year and “de-militarized” but I think almost everything else is still in there. Amazing actually. I wish I could have gotten into that EA-6B cockpit…mmm…delicious…


I hope it isn’t, I love seeing old aircraft being given a little love. Bit of oil on the strut, nitrogen in the tyre every 2 months. A wash down once or twice a year. Some protective covers if need be etc :slight_smile:


The guy who is in charge of the museum said they are getting close to having the funding to put some of the birds in a big hangar. That’d be awesome. The UV light is just eating up everything rubber and plastic on those jets.

He also said the museum is getting a P-3 Orion in the fall…! DCS: Orion anyone?


Ah, that makes me so so sad… I should go volunteer at the local museum…


Many of the canopies have anti UV/heat wraps on them. But I guess there is only so much you can do. The Piedmont of North Carolina isn’t quite as good a preservative as the desert of Arizona…


yeah, the seal’s and paint/coatings will still start to crack eventually. It’s a sad state of affairs. They need a nice comfy air-conditioned hangar!


Arriving back to SEQM this afternoon from SKBO, there was this visitor I have never seen here before…

New route? Charter? Anyways, I was always a bit of a fan of Rickenbacker’s old classic airline, so I wish them all the best, now that they’re getting things back together again! :slight_smile:


Yeah…nice to see that paint scheme! I think there is someone running around with the Pan Am logo too if I’m not mistaken…



The Citation nose and front windows always look so hughe! Do they feel massive when flying?


I don’t think there is a jet out there with better visibility than a 500 series Citation (well, short of an F15/16 :wink: ).

It can get pretty warm up front though (especially if you want to keep your passengers at a comfortable temperature).