Where You Are Photos


Where am I based on this for lunch?


They are very large…and offer very good visibility. The penalty, as @PaulRix has mentioned, is that it is a bit of a greenhouse up there. We are usually hot, adjust the temperature down, and our passengers end up in an icy tomb in the back…LOL… I’d kill for dual zone heat controls in the Citation…


The Windy City … Hmm, that Pizza restaurant just around the corner from Atlantic Aviation in Midway? Goirdanos maybe?


This guy has been around…! Right on every account except we are at Signature MDW… That is a true corporate pilot there…! Nice job…



LOL, I am not sure if I should be proud of myself or consider myself to be a sad individual :wink: .


How about I bolt some of those fun Mi-8 fans in there for you? :wink:


In my defense, EVERY pilot who flies to Midway ends up at Giordano’s at some point or another.


And now you have me hungry for Pizza… Thanks a bunch Chris! :wink:


I have leftovers. They are sitting in the nose next to the liquid oxygen orb to keep it cool…

Giordano’s is like Jeveli’s in BOS…if you fly private jets for a living, you’re eventually going to end up eating there…


And maybe that cool blue Russian panel paint would make the cockpit feel cooler…


Pretty sure I saw a can or two back here, gimme a minute! :wink:


I know there is a bit of a fan following of this one by some of you guys. Here’s one hard at work for the national petrol company, at Coca (SECO) airfield down in the jungle region of Ecuador, yesterday…


Beautiful…! I think Aerosoft or someone has been working on one for like a decade or something. There is a nice freeware one for FSX out there by Tim Conrad maybe or Piglet (?)…


Not so much where, but I had (my doctor) to operate a cyst on my shoulder and before I could, it got inflamed and now I can’t game cause of the pain :disappointed:

Glad I got vacation, or else I’d have to get a sick leave


Umm @Sargoth I think you are not supposed to operate on yourself…like as a general rule kind of thing…Hope you feel better!


Haha! Yeah, my wording was a bit off there. My doctor did the operating :sweat_smile:


Ok good news! I hope you can get back to simming soon!


Flew over the Dobson Knob wildfire just off the west rim of the Linville Gorge today…


You seriously need to get maintenance to put stiffeners on those prop blades! :wink: