Where You Are Photos


They are safety blades. Made of foam. Poor performers…but we haven’t killed a line-guy yet…!



Awww! I thought I’d found another guy who liked to do self operations!

I amputated a rather large Cherry Angioma off my inner thigh because it got irritated now and again. I got it CLEAN OFF with the help of some fishing line and a razor. I don’t even remember where it was! Feels very liberating taking these matters into your own hands. :grin:


That GIF reminds me of flying in Arizona in the summer. “Oh…I…just…don’t…want…to…fly…today… I’m meeeeeeeltttting…”


Movement of patients. Go to work in the evening and back home in the morning.

Field in sight

Big lifting thing.

Doctors and nurses doing their thing

Can’t escape rising sun.


Clark, I think we need a bigger car…


Looks like y’all have a great weekend planned!!


Nice rig Beach. Part Lewis and Clark, part Family Vacation. I’ll admit that I haven’t done much kayaking or canoeing since Boy Scout trips on the Potomac, but I bet y’all are going to have a blast.


Looks like you can go in the other direction with that whole rig in the river.



Peppercorn burgers, Cajun peel-and-eat shrimp, pasta salad, and some beer to help it all down as the sound of the waves from the Gulf of Mexico serenade the chef… Mmmmm…




Kai is in early BUDS training…I’m buying him a log to lug up and down the beach tomorrow…!


gonna want some ice packs too…


Was a perfect night for a ballgame friday

Saturday - The best picture my dad got of a pretty nice sized Bass, not pictured, the actual fish :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually this was just me handing him my phone after not being able to get anything with his :joy:


Easter in Vermont


Salt Water Catfish…did not know that was a thing…!


A few big accomplishments in the EinsteinEP household this weekend.

First, I finally connected up my Atari 2600 and started testing my old games with it. I had an independent quality inspector, to ensure a fair review.

Additionally, we took the training wheels off my daughter’s bike.

She was extremely excited for this moment, although that excitement quickly turned to terror when she actually started riding said bike. More on that later.


One of the advantages (or disadvantages, depending on your point of view) of living in the desert is that you get to share it with some pretty interesting creatures.

My wife sent me these snapshots of a visitor we had enjoying our backyard this morning.