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The Shins


Sunday ride:


That looks like it should be a phone wallpaper image…


@Derbysieger I really like that bike you’ve got there! Looks like a joy to drive!


Yeah, it’s pretty much my dream bike. I needed something new and I always wanted a more aggressive, faster bike. A pure roadbike or a crossbike were out of the question because it needed to have utility as well. I wanted something fast for commuting and touring, hence my decision for the PATRIA Randonneur.

I love everything about the bike but the Ultegra drivetrain with the ST-RS685 STI’s combined with the BR-RS785 hydraulic disc brakes and the 12-25T 11-speed cassette are probably my favourite things right now. It’s seriously fast, easily 4-5km/h faster for the same effort.

Not a setup I’d want to ride in the Alps but perfect for the flat roads and little hills around here.

If I go on a long tour into the mountains I’ll change the cassette to a 11-28T or even 11-32T.

Also, I’m really digging those tires:

My bike met one of its siblings this evening​:


County fair is in town, so took the kids and The Wife for a day of touching sweaty animals, eating overpriced food, and having people constantly sell us things while we walked around under a sweltering sun.

At first I thought this was something that came from Dart’s barn, but then I realized there were no Hello Kitties on it.

Vroom, vroom, @guod. They wouldn’t let me test drive any of these for all the usual reasons: something something about liability, past driving history, outstanding warrants, blah blah blah.

A TON of RC aircraft in one of the halls, this A-10 was done in a particularly nice level of detail - radar antennas, APU intake/exhaust, etc. I’m not sure rocket pods on the fuselage stations is such a great idea (any Hawg pilots/maintainers out there to clarify?), but it’s pretty and looks fun to fly as well.

Starting our own B&B.

Found my spirit animal!


Day two at High Water. Jump Little Children, Dawes, Slow Runner, Shovels and Rope.

Breakfast this morning at Poogan’s Porch. Which, of course, means shrimp and grits.


Oh wow…that looks amazing…! Trot that out in front of my wife and she’d melt. She loves shrimp and grits…


On Queen Street, around the corner from Meeting Street. But you normally want reservations - we were lucky to get there right at opening.


I’ll send you Pat Conroy’s recipe when I get back. It’s always worked wonders for me.






What a fantastic start to the week.

Cold April morning:

Windy evening with a hint of rain:



Maybe they scream because somebody is pulling their hair. Also would be a good name for MLB shortstop.


Some X-Plane scenery, somewhere abeam Cuzco…

This next one is only interesting because it shows the aftermath of the dreadful rainfall they’ve been having in the Piura area of Peru. That water accumulation to the right of that “sand bar” used to be barren desert, not a couple of months ago…



That’s a very clean looking Citation!



We are in Grand Junction, on the western border of Colorado, house hunting. About time to leave the front range again. And get ready for retirement in a couple few years. (Can I wait that long?) We’ve lived here twice, happy to be back after 11 years. Did hear that the Thunderbirds will be here on October!

The beautiful Colorado National Monument is just southwest of GJ.