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Beutiful weather yesterday:


Interesting statue of the head, whats that for, if you don’t mind me asking?


It’s called ‘Das Echo des Poseidon’ (The Echo of Poseidon) and overlooks the river at the entry into the harbour where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine. It was build for the 300th anniversary of the Ruhrort harbour (largest river harbour in the world afaik).

I’ll have to get a picture of it during high water so it looks like someone is swimming in the river.


Again not a location, but I’ve started up with an old hobby again :smiley:

“Starting up with an old hobby again :blush:


Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here…?


Some days…reality feels like a sim…

ORBX scenery feel…

A “tdg” airport for X-Plane…

DCS Nevada (OK…this was a stretch with filters involved…lol…)


Is that Darlington or Wilkesboro?


Concord…Lowe’s Motorspeedway…


I think you mean Charlotte Motor Speedway. I don’t care that Humpy Wheeler got paid a bunch of money to call it otherwise.

I didn’t recognize the banked curves on the back from that angle. How high were you flying there?


The answer to that question is always going to be 10,000’ you know…




Ron White show in Loveland tonite!



Evening shifts do have their advantage.

I’m so excited! Hur hur hur :wink:


You want to kill Superman?


It’s more of a terrible pun on Exciter Box, these little sparkles cubes make the bang happen in the squeeze bang blow process!


The type of bang that is accompanied by magic smoke?


The difference between the first leg of the day…and the last leg of the day…

“Oh…we’d better pick our way around this…”

“Ahh…F-it…yeah, we’ll take direct…”


I am, of course, joking. The reality of the situation is that until you know the makeup of the atmosphere and what exactly you are poking your nose into, you almost always err on the side of caution. We crossed that front four times today, and the first time, we went around the worst of it, sampled the edges, and found the air to be fairly stable (not much uplift, no lightning, and only light chop). So you sort of learn the “character” of an airmass. It doesn’t mean it can’t change, but you get a pretty good idea of tops, turbulence, icing, lightning, and precip if you fly through it a few times. Worst we experienced would be classified as light turbulence. Atlanta and Indy controllers were top notch tonight…




I’m a little late to this party, but hardheads carry a pretty potent sting or so I’ve been told!