Where You Are Photos




I recognize that layout. If there were a thunderstorm out those windows I’d definitely say DFW…but I’m guessing a European location?


Yeah, CAE at OSL/ENGM.


I’ll bet the sim bay smells the same. LOL… We call it “walking the green mile…”


Don’t they all smell like a locker room…? :wink:


Sweat, ozone…and fear… LOL…


I just go there to play an expensive video game. Am I supposed to be worried or stressed about something? :wink:

I’m heading to CAE Dallas the week after next for my 6 monthly grilling. Fun, fun, fun!



I really do miss it sometimes.


Ugh. It looks too much like my job to be interesting.
But interesting mug anyway! :laughing:


Ok… Was hoping for better, but I’ll take ‘interesting’ :space_invader:


You’re simply not my type. I prefer longer hair. Maybe on the blond-ish side…
But we can be friends!


You’d like me if my face wasn’t squashed by the 02 mask…


Buy me a drink and let’s see… :joy:


This guy landed on the pole as I was driving home from work, nobody else on the road so I could stop to take the pic -


Oh, I have the checkride. I actually wish it was a bit less of a box checking exercise though. We are so focused on getting all the required boxes checked that the training and checkride become rather formulaic. I think at times the Part 91 guys get more from their training as a result.


I agree! This time in the sim was my first since our airline got ATQP (Alternative Training and Qualification Programme) approval. Now our training department can decide for themselves what our pilots need to know, and how to train them. No more single engine fixed card NDB with circling, just because some ancient proficiency check syllabus from the 50ies say so. Not that it’s not fun and all, but who does that, today?
We actually started with a 1:45 Line Oriented Evaluation where the instructor just played the ATC, Cabin and ground handling parts. We knew nothing of what lay ahead. Just the WX/NOTAM brief, departure and destination. Off you go!


That’s an interesting problem with a AOC/MOE that you see these days, there’s not a singular standard to work up against, as long as you have your papers at the authorities you ought to be good to go. There’s a value in that but one wonders if certain things aren’t missed.


Ya’ don’t say. You know how many times I’ve flown the VOR or GPS to JFK 4L, circle to 31R because that was the only approach certified by the FAA for our sim? Let’s see…20 years x 1 training day x 1 checkride day + people showing me “their” way of doing it. Probably 60 times or more. Then double that because I have to see it from the right seat too.

135 training and checkrides are a horrible missed opportunity for some additional learning and focusing on things that matter. It has frustrated me to no end that we are trained to a template each year.


And we all know that It is unlikely for us to fly the VOR 4L with circle to 31R ant JFK as Part135/91 pilots. Meanwhile, we just lost two of our brethren flying the far more demanding ILS Rwy 6 with a circle to 1 at Teterboro. I don’t think I have ever flown a Teterboro approach in the sim. I have at home in VR though, which is probably just as valuable to be honest.