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Exactly. It was explained to me that (at least in the case of the Ultra sim), that the FAA had to sign off on the specific procedures and visual representations of the checkride airports. Thus, for our sim, I think there are only a few airports in the database that qualify, and even fewer that qualify for certain approaches (circle to lands). I think our sim has JFK, White Plains, and some airport in Virginia that are “certified”. That is why the training days are so much more fun…we get to go to Aspen, Elko, etc…that are much more educational and fun. I’d rather train on stuff that will kill me rather than stuff that I’ll never see. I haven’t been to JFK in probably five years. But the circle to land at PDK at minimums, or a jammed control leaving BKL over the lake at night has real potential to harm you.

But we gotta check those boxes. Hand flown ILS breakout. TAWS demonstration. TCAS demonstration. Hand-flown ILS. Raw data approach. Holding. RNAV departure. Low vis taxi. Ugh. Same thing each year (twice a year of course).


They could just never wipe off this board and it would be nearly as pertinent today as it was 11 years ago when I took the pic…LOL…


…and then we put it in the nose of our airplane…



What could possibly go wrong…?


My wife and I are currently house hunting and I thought I would share our preferred option. We viewed it today and both fell in love instantly with it. It even has a 11th century ruined castle in the back garden :guardsman:
Its in Northumberland National Park and has fantastic dark skies and is in the next valley to the Otterburn ranges


That looks beautiful @Cib - one of the things I sometimes really miss about the UK is that gorgeous green farmland. The Pacific West Coast is nice is a different way, but there is something about those rolling hills…

Check out the village in the Doomsday book as well :slight_smile: http://opendomesday.org/ Plus hasn’t that area got some of Hadrian’s Wall as well?


Never too late to leave work early. Except, I got home and the power is out!

@Cib that’s a nice looking place.


View of the sunset over Lake Whitney, Texas from directly over my house with my new drone.


Departing a foggy Toronto…

And presently trying to avoid being carried off by industrial sized mosquitoes in Sumter, SC…


Springtime in Colorado


KBOS sunset…


Nice! I’m usually seeing the sun rise when I’m there. You eat at Jeveli’s?


We just ate at the hotel this time around. I haven’t been to Jeveli’s. I’m guessing it’s pretty good?


Watching the final stage of the Tour de France 2016…which I’ve been working through on my DVR for the last 11 months without knowing who won… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though I had my suspicions… :uk:


It isn’t so much as great, as convenient. If you grab the crew car, exit the parking lot, go up to the main drag, take a right, go about 1/4 mile, take a left, go under the overpass - stay straight and you run into a little area where Jeveli’s is. Feels like a mobster hangout actually. The lobster ravioli and baked stuffed haddock are really good. The veggies are horrible.

And when you are done there, a short one block walk to Spinneli’s has an incredible bakery if you want to take some goods home. I buy cannolis and Napoleans there, put them in the nose of the jet next to the LOX orb to keep it cool (plus FL380 LOL…)…


Great info, thanks Chris. Next time I’m up there I will have to give them a try. :slight_smile:


Being in Manchester at the moment brings many things into perspective


That has some weird 1984 vibe over it with those colours and all. It obviously isn’t (would be a bit distasteful) though.


Geezus. It does.
It took me a second to realise you’re talking about 1984(the book) and not simply the year.