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Lowes? Did you land at Concord?

Edit: never mind. I forgot that your domicile is CLT.


We do go to Concord (JQF) on occasion to deliver patients. So yeah…you got it…!



Yep. Definitely CMS. Ah, home.



Right on @Navynuke99…!


Can anyone identify that green drink? Probably a “Margarita” or something just not in my vocabulary.

It looks like a glass of algae with ice cubes. :slight_smile:


[quote=“BeachAV8R, post:1578, topic:1282, full:true”]Departing a foggy Toronto…


Mr. “YYZ” here … I literally work a stones throw from the hold short line at runway 05 where you took off from. :slight_smile: I remember that slightly foggy morning … nice shot of the northeast end of the field! Airport road dominating the bottom left of the pic … I’ve always wanted to try eating at ZET’S but I’m usually just too busy getting in and out of the area to try … plus I’m a bit afraid. :grin:


Cool…! It was about 4 AM when we arrived so we walked to a Tim Hortons for coffee and a bagel.


Made some strawberry topped crepes for breakfast this morning…along with some Gevalia coffee… Delicious…


The song of my people… :wink: :coffee:



You must be in Japan. The white gloves give it away :).


HAHAhaha, it’s so obvious that you actually ran an enhancement software on the round mirror reflection, and subsequently you calculated the width of the tracks and noticed that it matches only the regulations for Japanese Public Transport!

Obviously! DuH!


Got dragged away from home again for a few days over my birthday. Once again, I post it because it was a city mentioned in the Christmas Antarctica thread (I think it was @TheAlmightySnark who went there, IIRC). I’d mentioned Medellin gave the appearance of a city built straight out of a forest. Here it is…

Here’s the reason I was there…

Post maintenance in service test flights on a couple of A319s. As usual, 99% waiting around and chatting with maintenance (the latter which I do like, reminds me of my childhood!). By company policy, can’t say or share too much more, but I sneaked those in for the benefit of Airbus fans here! :slight_smile:

(I might even twist my own arm to get that Ultimate Three Twenty when it comes out and put it through the ISATM profile, for a laugh. I don’t know. Curiosity might get the better of me, in the end…)


I love watching planes go through heavy maintenance and seeing them all torn apart. It it amazing to see the inner workings of all that stuff…and even more amazing that those guys can get it all back together again. Wiring bundles always freak me out…looks like a logistical nightmare…


@BeachAV8R I know, right? It has got its own rather enchanting atmosphere, very nostalgic and interesting for me. All my familiarity with the Canberra comes from seeing them like that as a kid. BTW, there are more of those looms that you like than you can shake a large stick at in the Airbus! LOL! My utmost respect to the technicians.


Quick, get a colander and some marinara sauce…!


They really. Really. REALLY… SUPER DUPER REALLY.


Heck, getting the FADEC/ECU wiring on older engines setup can already be a pain depending on customer configurations and wishes. And this is just on a single plug-and-play engine!

@Cygon_Parrot I went there indeed! Looks like a gorgeous city in real life. Also hoorah for maintenance shots :wink: