Where You Are Photos


“Cut the grey one”


Looks like a Beechcraft Duke :fearful:



“Working lunch meeting”


Happy to be back home!




It’s Premier beer…so +1.95 lbs…LOL…



Gevalia comes from the city of Gävle (Gevalia is the old name of the city), only an hour by road from where I grew up. I studied for my engineering degree in Gävle. Remeber riding the bike to school, early in the morning, enjoying the scent of roasted coffee beans, as I rode past the Gevalia roastery… :coffee: :heart_eyes_cat:


All these glamorous pilots photos. This us my office.

2nd lot of breakfasts for guests
Living the dream :wink:


Is that Morcilla in the middle of the pan? :heart_eyes:


Black Pudding old boy ;).


Met a friend for a moonlit nightcap.


Sorry for my negative chime in here but look at all the crud on that grill! Yuck!

I’m a big fan of keeping my grill clean by brushing it deep with a fairly new grill brush, occasionally wiping it with a cloth and some olive oil and keeping it as non stick and rust free as possible with PAM spray.

Are those grills in upside down with the flat side up? They’re usually triangular to keep the crap off your food. As you can tell I’m not a happy camper here. :grin:


That’s simply beautiful. :slight_smile:

Hope all went well…


So, you’re one of those guys who scrubs away all the tasty bits? :wink: :smiley:


:laughing: - Usually people are more upset by the light beer…!

Yes…it’s time to clean the grill, it has seen heavy, heavy use the past few weeks. Those grates are in need of replacement, they are actually starting to warp with some rust flaking (a bit more iron in the diet?)… I promise I’ll keep the new ones clean. I did just replace the burner “baffles” or whatever they are called on the bottom.


Finished the P-51 yesterday. It’s been a lot of fun doing this. Now I’m looking at even more kits to get :sweat_smile:

Still need to put on markings though

Markings are on



The legendary 112 Squadron, perhaps? :slight_smile: Only yesterday posted a comment, somewhere else, about them in relation to the P-40 supposedly upcoming for DCS.


Yup. No. 112th Squadron, Italy, 1945.