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Is this a meat measuring contest? I present kobe beer. A $150 meal for one.


Recovery beer after cycling two laps of the Circuit of the Americas F1 track. Next time I want to do it in a car. It would certainly be fun in my Mini Cooper S.


Oh what fun - I will be in Austin later this week!


I still haven’t made it to COTA. Looks like a fun track.


When and for how long?


I bet COTA is a blast when you are driving something faster than a bicycle :wink: .


In Thursday, wedding Saturday, out on Monday. I’ve not been to the track, only seen it from the air when flying out. Is there a Sunday event?


It doesn’t look like it. They are just advertising a track tour (which you might enjoy of course).

Unfortunately I am leaving for a big trip early on Saturday morning (AAR to follow), which also wipes out Friday. Otherwise I would have suggested meeting up for a cold beverage. Maybe next time.


Rooftop star party at The Durham Hotel. Too hazy to see most of the stars, but we could see Jupiter and several moons.


@chipwich will know where I am…!


Enjoy Chris. What’s on the menu?


Cycling in the warm summer rain last Sunday:


I fell back to the old classic of the hand carved turkey club… Salmon was on special today…but it was just so hot I wanted a cold sandwich. Stupid me though, I forgot to order the potato salad and ended up with fries instead.



Been away from home this week. My wife sent me a photo of going into the garden last week…



He appears to be a considerate bear…not taking up the loungers…


At least he’s comparatively fun size.


Just lookin for picnic baskets, Yogi


Don’t worry folks, it’s a drill…


A drill?
Honestly it looks like one of those aeroplane, to me, but what do I know…