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Now i understand, he just came by to say


He was Baby Bear #3, there was an equally fun sized Brother Bear (Disney, you getting all this, it’s gold) plus an apparently massive Momma. She barely(?) fit in the lounger, but by then the dog was going ballistic so the photos look like a blurry F/A-18C at a games conference sighting, so not much to see there… :slight_smile:


Taken during a quick ride after a thunderstorm on Thursday:


Aaah… The air never feels as fresh as it does after rainfall!


Oh yes! ~30°C down to ~20°C. The storm lasted for about 1.5h. It had everything: hail, heavy rain, incredibly strong gusts of wind, constant lightning. But then it was gone in a heartbeat, completely calm, sun out, only light cloud cover. I immediately got my bike out to ride for about 1h. If it wasn’t for all the crap on the roads and the damp air you wouldn’t have known what happened just an hour ago.


Dusting off the old Hennessey on the hottest day of the year :smiley:


What a gorgeous place Cib!


Calm, 26°C, perfect for a quick ride.

Somewhere along the Rhine:


First day of vacation! And apparently my Mudspike anniversary is today so however shitty the picture, I’m still gonna post it.


A jog-hike up to good ol’ Tango Romeo Oscar VOR.
Just 160m height, but steep enough to get the :heart:️ pumping.


Hiking the abandoned rail tracks around Saluda, NC…

Where we found and adopted the newest member of our family…“Saluda” the cat…


2.5K Trail run to benefit the local Animal Shelter

Lets go through the checklist -

Kilt - Check
Old, pale, knobby knees - Check
Athletic dog attached to me and WILL try to drag me into woods and break my ankles - CHECK


I’m pretty sure this isn’t the approved use of a hydration bladder, but it works…


If it’s stupid but works, it ain’t stupid.


One could argue that proper hydration before and after your beer is important…!


But you see- to keep the beer cold you use ice. Which eventually will melt into… what? WATER!
Use that water to hydrate… Solved, NEXT UP!


I guess pro-grade hikers would use frozen margarita to surround their beer and sip through the CamelBak tube…


IN Traffic,

Behind an Import… loo…


R32 Skyline, yes? There’s a shop in Richmond that specializes in importing all the fun JDM cars:



I’m an R34 Guy myself… didnt like the R32 looks, and the R33 was ok… but the R34 was the best.